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Concealed works refer to the concealed construction projects that cannot be seen after decoration. If the concealed works have quality problems, they have to be covered and covered up again, which will cause great losses such as rework. In order to avoid the waste of resources and the losses of both parties, and ensure the quality and smooth completion of the project, the editor reminds everyone that the ten processes related to concealed works in home decoration construction must be paid attention to, so as not to leave hidden dangers

I: gas pipeline

according to the regulations, the gas meter is strictly forbidden to move, and the gas pipeline is not allowed to be a concealed pipe. However, many people still move the gas meter or wrap the gas pipeline for the sake of beauty. As the most dangerous part of the room, the installation of gas pipelines must comply with the regulations, but for modern people, the decoration effect is not good

II: electrical circuit

in the process of home decoration, circuit transformation is essential, and the safety problems caused by transformation are the most. A good circuit transformation plan should pay attention to both external effects and safety factors, as well as the convenience of future maintenance, and make a 20-year plan for the line in advance on the basis of ensuring economy. At the same time, during the actual construction, it is necessary to adjust the circuit capacity, deal with the interference between strong and weak electricity, and the slotting and routing of fractional pipelines are all process nodes that need attention

III: the water supply and drainage pipes

the cold water is intermittent, the hot water is half cold but not hot, the water supply is as thin as a hairspring, and the drainage is blocked &hellip& hellip; These things have been a headache, not to mention big events such as flooding the golden mountain. Putting an end to flood is only the basic requirement that the project quality should meet. A more reasonable arrangement should further consider how to reduce the resistance of water in the transportation process, how to configure indoor heat sources in energy-saving houses, and how to combine water supply and heating

IV: wall treatment

the wall is the face of the room. Why do many houses crack within half a year after decoration? In fact, the key lies in the treatment of the substrate. There are also many details, which will affect the final surface effect if not handled properly. For example, special protective measures should be taken for the wall corners that are easy to be damaged, and the base course of the wall panel must be firmly pasted

V: paint painting

what is the most worrying thing in home decoration? I believe people who have experience in home decoration will say that they can't see places, which is what industry experts call concealed works. According to the statistics of relevant departments, in recent years, among the complaints received about the decoration quality, the complaints caused by concealed works account for a large proportion

compared with other projects in the decoration, the technical content of the painting project is indeed relatively low, but the painting project is not as simple as dipping the brush into the paint and rolling on the wall. Improper operation will produce defects such as whitening, color flowers, spots, wrinkles, sagging and so on

VI: installation of floor keel

the installation of floor keel is related to the quality of floor laying. If the foundation of floor keel is not laid well, no matter how carefully the floor is laid, problems such as deformation, instability, noise when walking will still occur. The new technologies such as the gasketless keel paving method that will be displayed in the exhibition can greatly reduce the probability of such problems

VII: ceiling installation

people often pay attention to the beauty of the ceiling and ignore the safety of the ceiling. If the combination of ceiling and floor, keel and decorative panel is not done well, the ceiling is like a sword hanging on the head of the whole family, and there is the possibility of accidents at any time

VIII: laying of wall and floor tiles

nowadays, stone is generally used for wall and floor decoration, but these expensive materials are often not as solid as their names sound. During the laying process, how to operate correctly to achieve the purpose of being firm, beautiful and saving materials, and how to choose reasonable laying methods to prolong the service life of wall and floor tiles, these problems are explained by special personnel at the exhibition site

IX: wood processing

wood processing, especially the grass-roots treatment of door and window covers, is also very important. In addition to strictly complying with the process requirements and never reducing the process secretly, we should also flexibly grasp the temperature, humidity and other influencing factors on site

X: floor laying

the floor is the largest part of the decoration cost, and the floor is the most likely to cause quality disputes. There are subtle differences in the laying of floors made of different tree species and different processes, so it is necessary to master a set of scientific installation methods. In fact, floor and wall and floor tiles look like superficial skills, but what really determines their laying quality is the invisible base treatment





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