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From July 8 to 11, 2015, Guangzhou Construction Expo was held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Huiya information and home hotline, as strategic cooperation media, reported the whole process of this Construction Expo. Hu bin, marketing director of Molike, was interviewed by the home hotline

home hotline reported that from July 8 to 11, 2015, Guangzhou Construction Expo was held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. Huiya information and home hotline, as strategic cooperation media, reported the whole process of this Construction Expo. Hu bin, marketing director of Molike, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from home hotline and wallpaper world that this year we will focus on launching our 3D software, which can solve a big problem in our industry

on site interview guests: Hu bin, marketing director of Foshan Molike home furnishings Co., Ltd.

Molike Guangzhou Construction Expo exhibition hall, the scene was crowded

Home hotline: what highlights did Molike bring to us during the exhibition of Guangzhou Construction Expo

President Hu: this year, we participated in this Construction Expo for the first time, and then, it was a relatively big breakthrough for our entire industry or Molike. As for the characteristics of this China Construction Expo, we all know that the highlight of China Construction Expo is customization, which is the customization of furniture products. Therefore, we can also feel from the first day of today's launch that enterprises in customization industries such as Europa and Sofia have a large flow of people

as molyk, our focus is on the customization of curtains, highly personalized customization, and even in terms of customization, our requirements for production and other aspects are higher. Therefore, with this idea, we participated in the Construction Expo. From our investment and other aspects, we also attach great importance to it. Our exhibition hall covers an area of more than 200 square meters, and our company has also made full arrangements in terms of internal personnel organization. Judging from the current situation, this exhibition was held smoothly, and in the whole exhibition, we also launched some new products, as well as some new marketing methods, etc

dealers are enjoying Molike exhibits and recording their favorite products with their mobile phones

home hotline: you just mentioned the launch of some new products. What are the main features of these new products

President Hu: at present, Molike's entire product series mainly covers curtains, wall coverings, soft and hard bags, and window decorations. At this exhibition, we mainly exhibited our wallcovering and soft and hard bags

wall fabric has been launched for more than a year, so we will launch more of our wall fabric products at this exhibition. For our wall fabric products, first of all, in terms of style, we have made further enrichment. Then, in terms of technology, some styles can be designed or expressed through many processes

we need to develop more than 500 new products every year, which involves the improvement of some materials, the application of some new processes and so on. The specific material and technology of the product can be seen in our sample room

home hotline: at the beginning, you also mentioned the innovation of marketing methods. What are the main aspects

President Hu: in terms of marketing techniques, this year, we will focus on launching our 3D software. 3D software can solve a big problem in our industry, which is about material calculation and quotation. For a long time, it has been troublesome for our retail stores to train loaders or designers. The reason for the trouble is that unlike selling other products, such as clothes, it simply means how much a piece costs. Our customization is very complicated, which is a little more complicated than other wardrobe, so it is very troublesome to calculate materials and quote

the system we are pushing out now can solve this problem very well. Basically, the delivery clerk doesn't need to calculate, just click the button

Hu bin, marketing director of Molike, accepted an exclusive interview with the home hotline on the theme of "foresight? Home"

Home hotline: "the sales peak season of" red may "has passed, and the peak season of" golden nine and silver ten "is about to come. What is your expectation of the market in September and October? For the next "golden nine and silver ten", what is Molike's development plan

President Hu: I think my view on this year's market is the same as that of most industry practitioners, that is, this year's business may be a little more difficult than in previous years. But President Chen, the general manager of the company, has always instilled a view that the size of the whole market has not been reduced. The market size and market share have not shrunk, nor is it because the whole industry has undergone great changes. The reason why you feel that this business is relatively difficult to do, or that there have been changes in the transaction rate, which is a very specific indicator, I think it has something to do with the national policy and the pressure of the overall macroeconomic growth. It is more or less reflected in the fact that consumers hold their money bags tighter. If you want to extend it further, consumers will have stricter requirements for businesses and products, Or for the quality of service and other aspects, the requirements are more detailed and so on

therefore, for the whole second half of the year, I think the so-called "golden nine and silver ten" will also appear. As for which industries will be gold and which industries and brands will be silver, it is up to everyone to compete. In terms of a marketing guiding ideology of Molike, it is called "grabbing share". The focus is on the word "grab". It depends on who can grab it. On the one hand, it depends on good products, on the other hand, it depends on good marketing means

then marketing means not only improve people's skills, but also rely on tools. So in the whole curtain industry, or the whole soft decoration industry, we will give our franchisees more tools. If franchisees or prospective franchisees need to know more, they must come to the scene. When they come to the scene, they naturally know how attractive we are to them





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