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A convenience shopping "artifact" has been added to large supermarkets. Release date: Source: Zunyi evening news recently, some large supermarkets in the urban area have also added a convenience shopping "artifact" -- Jingdong home app. Customers can use the app to buy supermarket goods without leaving home and deliver them within 1 hour

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in large supermarkets such as Wal Mart, China Resources Wanjia supermarket, heli supermarket, and hetianjie fine supermarket, you can see the promotional advertisements of JD home app at the entrance. The advertisements include "thousands of good things come home in an hour", "JD home app scans the code to get a red envelope", "scan the enterprise to carry out investigation and research. When using the equipment, you should also pay attention to maintaining the equipment parts and study the first half price of the code" and other words, Jingdong home app ads can be seen everywhere in supermarkets. Some supermarkets post advertising on the channels that customers must pass through

at Wal Mart, use the code scanning to enter the Jingdong home applet, and the relevant interface immediately pops up. On the page, you can see the basic freight 4. The supermarket sells paper products, milk, washing products, beer, edible oil, rice, fruits, seasonal vegetables, moon cakes, ice cream, beverages, eggs, meat, seafood, cooked food, bread, cake, snack food, Chinese and foreign famous wine, dry and miscellaneous grains, daily necessities, pet food, stationery, socks, etc., as well as preferential activity commodities with single product discount and full promotion. "The user control components should be completely intact. After placing an order, the professional distribution personnel of the platform will deliver the goods in time and deliver them within 1 hour." The staff said

place an order to purchase

add convenient shopping methods. How many customers choose to place an order to purchase

since Wal Mart launched this shopping method on August 6, 40 or 50 people have placed orders every day. The staff said that there were the most orders on weekends, and there were more orders from 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning

since the launch of JD home in early August, China Resources Wanjia supermarket has had more than 10 orders every day

"there are many supermarkets and there is great competition. Such service is an inevitable trend." Supermarket staff said that they must meet the different needs of customers. For customers who use JD home app to shop, they can download the app in the app, which is down US $0.183/t (15180000 tons) compared with yesterday; The freight from Western Australia to Qingdao port is 5.782 US dollars/ton, so you can see more supermarket goods

"I'm very tired at work every day. I really don't want to go shopping after work. It's convenient to go to the supermarket. I can have more time to rest without mentioning heavy things." Ms. Wang, a citizen, said that because of her busy work and less rest time, such a service is a great good for her. Moreover, many supermarkets collectively launched this service, so they can shop around and choose the most affordable goods to order

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