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Shanxi Evening News (Fenghua) in order to further improve the general public's awareness, support and participation in building a civilized city, improve the quality of community civilization, and create a good atmosphere for creating a city, the staff of Qiaobei community in Taiyuan have rectified the only back street lane in the area for more than two months. The sidewalk, manhole cover, street lamp and substation box are all "dressed" in new clothes. The bright, cute and cute shapes and patterns have become a beautiful scenery in the street

the Northeast lane of the bridge behind the Taiyuan railway station has a large flow of people, the pressure of environmental sanitation is relatively heavy, and there are a lot of pet feces on the street. In order to make this alley beautiful, the community has planned and rectified the alley for more than two months. Small advertisements have been eradicated, 12 cultural publicity panels promoting the traditional virtues of filial piety have been installed on the street fence, and graffiti has been made on the well covers and power transformation boxes along the street, including garbage classification, water and electricity conservation, smoking prohibition, cartoon painting, etc. even the posters of civilized dog keeping have been specially painted on the sidewalk. In addition, hand-painted kites are hung on the street light poles on both sides as decoration

"hand painting is a technical job. Only a few people in our community can paint. Most people just help. Whether it's cleaning or painting, sometimes you need to squat on the ground for twoorthree hours. When you stand up, your waist is a little sore." Lijunjie, a community worker, told the Shanxi Evening News that in order not to affect their daily work, they took time to go to the streets to draw by hand, so it took a long time

"such a beautiful work is really pleasing to the eye!" The beautiful street attracted the attention of many passers-by, who stopped to watch and applauded. Listening to what everyone said, the community workers were also full of joy. In order to consolidate the achievements, the community also sent volunteers to advise the citizens on their uncivilized behaviors

"The accumulation of civilization is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable and healthy development of the city. The DIY painting back streets and alleys now combs all the standard systems and major changes as follows: not promoting the development of new materials and the integration of other fields only makes extensive publicity for the creation of a civilized city, but also creates a warm, happy and peaceful atmosphere for the community, so that the residents can enjoy the visual impact, enhance the feelings between everyone and the community, and enhance The cohesion and centripetal force of the community. I hope more people will join us and contribute to the construction of a beautiful home. " Chengyu, director of Qiaobei community, said

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