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New concept of packaging concept

any product needs packaging after commercialization. Packaging is an indispensable part of modern commodity production, storage, sales and human social life. In the general terms of packaging in China's national standard (cb4122-83), the definition of packaging is "the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials adopted according to certain technical methods in order to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales, and also refers to the measures such as applying certain technical methods in the process of adopting containers, materials and auxiliary materials to achieve the above purpose". With the progress of society, people's consumption needs multi-dimensional structure, that is, material, spiritual and economic. Therefore, the concept of packaging needs to be extended. (how do retail investors find a breakthrough point when the stock index stays still?)

for an enterprise, packaging is no longer packaging for packaging, but an information carrier containing a series of economic activities to achieve its business purpose and increase the value of its products. Before the specific functional packaging, a series of market research, consumer object and psychological analysis should be completed, and the planning and investment feasibility analysis of the whole commodity should be completed. The brand should be established through packaging, so as to promote the sales of commodities and increase the added value of products. This kind of front packaging is a kind of packaging concept on the level of consciousness. It will guide the functional packaging, avoid the randomness of commodity packaging, and avoid the blind equipment investment of enterprises. This is a theoretical upgrade of packaging, a concept of intangible packaging, a market concept and economic awareness. After functional packaging, the commodities should realize this packaging concept through commercial activities. It includes advertising media, marketing, service, information, networking and other commercial activities. It is the back packaging of goods. Therefore, a complete packaging concept consists of three processes: pre packaging, functional packaging and post packaging. Among them, the pre packaging and post packaging of commodities are intangible packaging, functional packaging is tangible packaging, and tangible packaging is the information carrier of intangible packaging. Intangible packaging provides guidance for tangible packaging and realizes the economic behavior of commodity value-added. (analyze the real purpose of mainstream funds and find the best profit opportunity!)

therefore, packaging contains many factors such as science and technology, culture, art, social psychology and ecological value, and is no longer the original single functional packaging concept. It should be a "packaging system" in modern packaging science, a systematic project and a new concept of economic consciousness

The world is moving towards the era of knowledge economy. The so-called knowledge economy is an economy based on the production, distribution and use of knowledge and information; Knowledge assets have become the key assets for the development of enterprises. They include brands, services, information, networks, etc. they are the assets for enterprises to obtain competitiveness, patents, trademarks, industrial property rights and other assets that reflect intellectual labor; Business know-how, management methods, corporate culture and other assets that reflect the internal development power of the enterprise; Staff quality, knowledge, skills and other assets that reflect the human resources of the enterprise; And expert system, which reflects the enterprise support system

in the above aspects, it is ultimately through the carrier of commodities to achieve the goal of its economic activities - economic benefits. An important part of this commodity carrier lies in packaging. The first thing in the packaging process is the scientific and technological concept of packaging, which contains the transformation of knowledge assets. The scientific and technological concept of packaging also includes two aspects, one is the scientific and technological components of the original functional packaging, the other is the scientific and technological concept of packaging

the scientific and technological component of the original functional packaging should be the scientific and technological application of packaging: with the development of modern high technology, a large number of scientific and technological achievements, such as the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment in packaging materials, packaging printing, packaging design and manufacturing, improve their original packaging functions to meet the convenience, safety, practicality and low-cost economic and technological indicators in people's material consumption. Economic activities aimed at achieving high-quality, high-yield and economic packages. Science and technology also contains ecological values, realizing the requirements of green, healthy and sustainable development in social development

the scientific and technological concept of packaging is a kind of economic consciousness, which is completed by commercial operation. (1) It is determined by the particularity of a series of potential products in the field of technology and aerospace, including lightweight automobile parts, sports equipment and even aerospace. Its manifestation is indirect. It appears in the form of knowledge or information, and expands on the basis of certain material goods. It is a kind of value concept. (2) The derivation of the concept of science and technology. When the high-tech and general technology are properly integrated, it will show the high value-added of high-tech and mainly complete the transformation of a large number of knowledge assets, which can bring new economic benefits. (3) The intangibility of the concept of science and technology. Technical commodities in the form of knowledge and information; Through various media, social members first accept the information subjectively, recognize the value of knowledge and wisdom, and then buy new technology goods; Of course, this is closely related to the development of the tangible and intangible technology market. 1. Selection of sampling position and inspection surface of sample (4) timeliness of scientific and technological concept. The transformation of intellectual labor assets such as patents, trademarks and industrial property rights is a historical product of the development of science and technology and commodity economy

packaging should embody the concept of science and technology from both tangible and intangible aspects. There are successful examples in China in this regard: such as the myth of Lenovo brand and the brilliance of Tsinghua Ziguang. They are undoubtedly the model of scientific and technological packaging concept

II. Cultural concept of packaging concept

in the pre packaging and post packaging of commodities, enterprises will choose a certain cultural form to render their products, make their products adapt to the market, and market their products based on a certain culture. For example, the form of cultural festival in commercial activities is the application of cultural concept. Manage your employees with a certain culture, mobilize all employees and condense their thoughts. Corporate culture is the application of cultural ideas

any commodity is subject to the influence of social factors. Different nationalities, nationalities, regions, nationalities, religions and other ideologies restrict the packaging products, which are reflected from the tangible packaging materials to the intangible cultural concept of commodities, so that the products are branded with cultural imprints and meet people's consumption psychology. Because the improvement of people's living standards and quality of life requires not only material consumption, but also spiritual consumption. For example, the totem pattern, its shape and craft in Chinese ceramics are tangible cultural expressions, showing strong national characteristics and even strong religious characteristics. In addition to its original functions, it is also a symbol. In modern civilized society, the concept of culture is stronger; After Chinese ceramics are printed with the words "make in C Ⅲ Na", there will be other economic effects. He is the essence of national culture and the symbol of the Chinese nation. When people consume, they have a sense of nationality, pride and kindness. A small fan inscribed with the notes and poems of famous artists will double its value, which is undoubtedly the economic packaging effect of cultural ideas. Strengthening the cultural concept of packaging concept is the need of today's social economy

III. artistic concept of packaging

the artistic concept of packaging lies in the artistic effect of packaging products. In addition to its scientific nature, the artistic effect of any product packaging is very important. The size of packaging products should be in line with the visual effect, but also have the enjoyment of beauty. Today, with the development of society, more and more auto parts begin to replace steel civilization with plastic. People's consumption psychology has changed. The diversification of consumption structure makes people no longer meet their single material needs, but they need spiritual needs; Different people should design different brands to meet people's needs; In addition, art design is also an expression of human wisdom, emotion and thought, which can make people resonate and have a strong desire for commodity consumption. It can make people happy through the stimulation of subjective colors of projection technology; The pattern must be concise, profound and symbolic, which can produce a strong psychological: neutral, but also in line with the aesthetic principles, in line with the trend of the times and the needs of changes in consumer psychology, as well as strong identity. We should also have the concept of brand value, so as to achieve good expression and implication. For example, Hong Kong Daxin bank is connected by two abacus beads, with the word "big" in the middle, symbolizing the bank's "careful calculation" for customers. A foreign bank gradually changed the shape of three chickens from big to small into an oval pattern, which means that the bank is a tool for chickens to lay eggs and eggs to produce chickens

as shown in the figure: the logo of Chinese airlines can be regarded as both the visual identification mark of the company's Ci and the identification element of the company's service brand. The logo of China Airlines is quite prominent, which can be regarded as a model work combining the excellent culture of the Chinese nation with the modern atmosphere. It adopts the shape of Red Phoenix, with simple and elegant graphics, graceful, head up and tail up, and full of vitality. It not only vividly reshapes the artistic style of China's national classic Phoenix, but also exudes the style characteristics of the new era

therefore, the artistic concept of focusing on packaging is not only aesthetic, but also conveys different emotions, associations, symbols, sources and objects (ethnic, gender, age, cultural cultivation and other factors), seasons, cultures and times. The relationship between logo creativity and brand name is harmonious, which is easy to spread and has individual characteristics. Strengthen the artistic concept and lay a foundation for the establishment of the brand, so as to produce intangible assets and economic benefits

from the evolution of logo design style, it can be seen that brand identification symbols must always adapt to the trend of the times and the requirements of consumer psychological changes. The brand logo is relatively stable, but with the changes of the times and the product itself, the content and style of the brand logo may not coincide with the beat of the times. Therefore, the brand logo design should be modified step by step on the premise of relative stability. As shown in the figure, we can see the development track of Pepsi Cola in the past 100 years

IV. informatization concept of packaging

with the advent of the information age and the emergence of e-commerce, there will be more informatization provisions on the appearance of packaging products, which contain a lot of information to meet people's psychological needs and the requirements of the networking age. With the improvement of people's quality of life, they have more understanding and understanding of the requirements of packaged products. Therefore, packaging should give people satisfaction with their psychological needs, such as color expressing people's visual feelings, green product logo, quality certification icon, anti-counterfeiting logo, laser bar code logo (convenient for logistics management), product quality parameters, instructions and other information, Even completely digitized hologram network identification information. The information-based concept of packaging will also affect the economic benefits of commodities, thus affecting business behavior


the concept of packaging has become an indispensable part of people's life. Its connotation is extremely rich. It is not only a concept, but also an idea and a social and economic consciousness. It contains tangible and intangible forms. Packaging is a system engineering and a system science. It is affecting people's life, expanding people's thinking and affecting business behavior. Establishing correct packaging concept and economic awareness will surely promote social economy

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