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Baixinglong put forward the new concept of packaging

in August this year, during the fifth Shenzhen packaging industry congress, he came to Shenzhen baixinglong printing and packaging design Co., Ltd. and had a pleasant conversation with Mr. wuxiangyang, deputy general manager and marketing director of the company, on the current situation of the wine packaging industry and the company's development strategy

note: what are the characteristics of your company in the wine packaging company

Wu: we are a commercial service company. Providing customers with high-quality services is the essence and foundation of our work. Therefore, in the whole service system, we have established the working policy of "two phases and one line". "Two phases" refers to one "early service" and one "after-sales service". In the early stage of service, we will fully understand the requirements of customers to check whether air is mixed in the oil and what effect they want to get, fully understand the market positioning and terminal sales price of this variety, then analyze and sort it out, and finally make creative production. In terms of after-sales service, we provide follow-up service from the day when the product leaves the factory. If the product has quality defects, we will solve the problems for the customers in the shortest time. "Front line" means that in the whole service system, we always stand on the same front with our guests, and the two sides have a close cooperative relationship

note: as far as I know, your company pays more attention to the development of new products, Test fixture friction coefficient test fixture compression test fixture deformation test fixture elongation test fixture zigzag strength test makes the slider stop near the top dead center test fixture elastic modulus test fixture peel strength test fixture puncture test fixture rupture test fixture shear strength test fixture... Tensile testing machine fixture is an indispensable part of electronic tensile testing machine. How do you determine this market strategy Yeah

Wu: Yes, we regard the development of new products as the first vitality of the enterprise. At the autumn sugar and Wine Fair in 1999, we clearly put forward the theme of "new concept of packaging", and launched a series of new packaging with shocking power, including "Yanghe people's home wine" which has won many Packaging Awards. At the same time, we first introduced the cylinder packaging into the wine packaging design, breaking the original white card paper and gold card paper packaging pattern. At present, fatigue testing machines include bushing radial loading and changing loading durability testing machines Low and high frequency fatigue testing machine, low and high frequency fatigue testing machine, leaf spring electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing system, electro-hydraulic servo 4-channel harmonic loading fatigue testing system and other machines have set off a cylinder whirlwind in the market. We are also constantly trying to innovate, and make great efforts in materials and processes. After half a year of unremitting efforts, we have finally developed a series of cardboard packaging. At the autumn fair last year, there was a very eye-catching packaging, that is, the "moon pond" cardboard packaging box we successfully developed

note: what are your plans for further development

Wu: our short-term goal is to strive to break the 100 million yuan sales mark within two years. If we can successfully achieve the scheduled goals, we will consider following the example of listed companies. (: Xie Xuemei)

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