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Case new CXB hydraulic excavator

Guide: case construction machinery officially launched a full series of CXB hydraulic excavators to the market. This series of products is a new generation of thinking machines with the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. The new excavator has made a number of design breakthroughs, which has significantly improved the fuel consumption, productivity and other performance; Comfort to the driver

case engineering machinery officially launched a full series of CXB hydraulic excavators to the market. This series of products is a new generation of "thinking machines" with the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. The new excavator has made a number of design breakthroughs, which has significantly improved the fuel consumption, productivity and other performance; It is also obvious to improve the driver's comfort and easy maintenance, as well as the durability and reliability of the equipment

cx210b hydraulic excavator working photo

the new CXB series machines of case launched in the early stage include casecx210b, cx210b-lc and cx240b. In addition, cx210b and cx240b models with super long arm configuration will also be launched at the same time

fuel consumption savings of 20%

we interviewed Mr. howarddale, general manager of case engineering machinery in China, and learned that CXB series has significant fuel saving performance compared with its early models or other competitive brands. "Please think about what it means for the owner of the machine to save 20% more accurate and reliable oil than other people's cars?" He said, "that's a big gap. During the test, we witnessed the difference in fuel consumption of almost 3.8 liters per hour. If you work 4500 hours a year and pay 4.80 yuan per liter of fuel, you will save 82000 yuan in a year. This is a real return for users!"

the reduction of fuel consumption is not achieved by reducing the output power of the engine. The case CXB new model has increased power output by 17%. The result of this increase in output power and lower fuel consumption comes from the new electronically controlled, high-pressure common rail tieriii technology engine. The new engine burns cleaner and more efficiently. General manager Dai Haowei emphasized that "case and its agents are responsible for all the maintenance services for the new engines equipped with CXB series. Case agents all over the country have sufficient spare parts support capabilities. At the same time, case spare parts allocation center in Shanghai, China has a full range of spare parts inventory. The rated power of cx210b and cx240b reaches 158 and 178 HP respectively.

"What really excites people is that the new case CXB excavator has improved its fuel economy and output power at the same time, and the productivity of these new machines has also increased significantly," said Dai Haowei. "From the test data, the new model can produce 25% more material handling capacity per unit of fuel consumption."

case procontrollsystem = Super productivity and faster work cycle

more earthwork handling is closely related to faster work cycle and higher hydraulic kinetic energy. The most important thing is that the hydraulic control system of the new model is equipped with advanced procontrolsystem (precision hydraulic control system) and digital intelligent technology to monitor the operating environment in real time and adjust the control variables, so as to simplify the operation and improve the productivity

for different models, the new CXB series excavator has 4~10% hydraulic power increase. Industrial forming aluminum machine plus "in case's original CX series models, we have always adopted the hydraulic regeneration technology of boom and stick circuit." Mr. daihaowei said, "now, we have also loaded this technology in the bucket retraction of case CXB series, which has significantly improved the excavation speed that is time-consuming in the work cycle and shortened the work cycle time."

"it is inconceivable that after the new CXB series machines have undergone a new upgrade in power and operating performance, the quiet effect of their operation is also very satisfactory." Mr. daihaowei said, "a customer didn't realize that the engine of this machine was running at full speed when he answered the question next to the case's new cx240b excavator."

the cab noise of the new model has reached the highest level in the industry, 68.6dba. "You're like in a limousine," Mr. David said. The engine runs smoothly and quietly, and the noise will be further reduced due to the good isolation and shock absorption support in the cab. The cab also adopts a reinforced tubular structure, which is not easy to produce vibration and shaking. This structural feature also makes the cab more robust and durable

the newly designed bucket improves the working durability

case's CXB series excavators are equipped with heavy-duty buckets as standard, and rock buckets can be selected at the same time. The rock bucket can be used under most severe heavy load conditions to maintain effective operation. The side plate thickness of the new bucket is increased by 25% and the bottom plate thickness is increased by 11%. At the same time, HARDOX steel is used for the bucket edge, and high-grade steel is used under the bottom plate to increase the wear strip. "The new bucket is selected for specific use requirements. It can be said that in all excavator construction environments that can be encountered in China, our bucket can continue to meet your needs as before. 3. The improved bucket design with professional testing software under XP system enables the machine to have better power during trenching operation. The thickness of bottom plate steel is further increased, and ultra-high grade steel is used to ensure long service life Longevity and outstanding durability. " Mr. David said

more features that help to improve durability include: stick impact protection strip and reinforced working device. In order to make the machine have better track alignment when working on hard or rocky roads, the new cx210b standard is equipped with four rail guards on both sides, while the cx210b-lc and cx240b are equipped with three pairs of rail guards

ultra quiet and comfortable cab

"when the equipment is working, the low noise in the cab means that the driver will enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed driving environment except for the only two symmetry axes of the battery," said Mr. Dai Haowei. "It also means that the productivity of the equipment is higher.". The cab of the new CXB series improves the handling and riding comfort, and the design conforms to the principle of ergonomics. The seat can be fully adjusted independently of the operating handle, and the new model has the memory function of adjusting settings, which can automatically return to the previous adjustment set by the operator

the operation of the left and right consoles becomes more convenient, and the operation of the main functions is easier. When the driver needs to turn off the sound system to answer a call, or communicate with the field personnel outside the driver's cab, the mute switch button of the new model can be selected

visibility is also improved on new models. The cab side column with super rigidity becomes more delicate, leaving a larger area for the installation of glass, making the field of vision of the work site broader; The glass window on the right side of the driver is changed into a whole without any division, which will provide a clearer and more visible view during trenching. Higher visibility configurations also include an optional visual sunroof

the new features of CXB series models also include the storage capacity of up to 10 kinds of set flow of different hydraulic accessories, which enables the operator to quickly switch between different types of hydraulic accessories, such as crushing hammer, hydraulic shear or compaction roller. This capability is very important in operations that require the construction of a variety of accessories, especially in the leasing industry

a new generation of electronically controlled common rail tie III engine with high efficiency and fuel economy

the best maintenance in the industry

the maintenance of the new case CXB series has been improved by 39%. According to the SAE maintenance evaluation system, the maintenance index of the new model is 14917 points, which is higher than the standard of SAE system 16000 points, and has an absolute advantage over competitive brands. "We constantly find that if the maintenance process is easy and convenient, the daily maintenance of the equipment is more likely to be well implemented." Mr. David said, "not only that, these new series of machines bring the most convenient maintenance, which can greatly reduce equipment maintenance costs and operating costs."

the service and maintenance are easier than before. The oil pan plug with the innovative design of "green" environmental protection concept can change the engine oil faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. The hydraulic filter element is installed in the hydraulic pump room. Due to the remote replacement, it does not need to drill under the machine. The placement of the engine oil filter element also makes replacement easier. In addition, the pop-up service and maintenance compartment door often used in case equipment is also continued in the new model, and almost all core components can be easily accessed through it

"although most of the 'new' construction machinery and equipment also have some characteristics of technical upgrading, case CXB series hydraulic excavators undoubtedly improve the evaluation standards of the whole industry in terms of fuel consumption, production efficiency, driver comfort and service maintenance performance." Mr. daihaowei said: "case CXB series hydraulic excavators are truly a" new generation of thinking "machines."

case's full range of excavator products

case's full range of hydraulic excavator products also include CX36B, CX55B, CX75, cx130, cx360, and cx460, as well as the newly launched cx700 and cx800. Case also manufactures CX80, cx135, and cx225 ultra short tail excavators and a full range of mini excavators

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