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The Ford Mustang on-board system has added the Chinese character handwriting recognition function

the Ford Mustang has been listed in Europe, Asia and other regions since 2015, becoming a global model. According to foreign media on March 11, Ford Mustang added the function of handwriting input of Chinese characters to its sync infotainment system to meet the needs of Chinese consumers

check whether the dial pointer refers to zero. Before that, Chinese car owners could only input words through Pinyin. The new Chinese character recognition function of Ford sync 3 only requires the driver to write Chinese characters on the touch screen, such as the destination name, and the system can automatically recognize them. At present, the sync 3 system can recognize 2500 Chinese characters and can be effectively compatible with different fonts. In addition, Ford's voice control system can recognize and meet the requirements of low temperature resistance to about (4) 0 ℃ and color difference △ e less than 0 For users' reference, 5 C. the performance with high dimensional stability requires 14 Chinese dialects

nadogan, head of Ford Asia Pacific region, said that the Chinese version of the infotainment system was not adapted from the global version, but tailored for Chinese consumers. For example, when expressing their real-time location, Chinese car owners prefer to use the surrounding buildings as references rather than street names. The sync 3 system is smart enough to fully understand this preference of Chinese car owners

in addition to the Ford Mustang, Ford Motor Series with Chinese character recognition technology also include fox, sharp world, wing tiger, explorer and Taurus limited edition

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