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The harmonized common structure code of the shipbuilding industry brings new coating requirements

according to relevant sources, the harmonized common structure code of the shipbuilding industry (hcsr) will release the first version of the hcsr draft on January 1, 2012. IACS and industry will discuss the hcsr draft from 2012 to 2013 as required. The final hcsr may be formally approved by IACS Council and released on June 30, 2013

the shipbuilding industry has always been a technology intensive industry, and its standards are always improving. Every change in technical standards (from IMO, IACS, regional organizations, etc.) will inevitably bring impact on relevant industries. It is understood that the Maritime Safety Committee msc87 held not long ago approved the "performance standard of protective coating for cargo tanks of crude oil ships" and the "draft of anti-corrosion measures for alternative coatings for cargo tanks of crude oil ships". The implementation of the new coating standard (PSPC) involves not only the coating and coating itself, but also shipbuilding hardware facilities, shipbuilding mode and shipbuilding process flow, coating accreditation laboratory, some bio based elastomer coating inspector qualifications, etc. for the shipbuilding accuracy, construction process and outfitting of shipyards, the metallographic microscope is designed to inspect the surface (metallographic structure) of metal samples with incident lighting Higher requirements are put forward for the integrity of sectional pre assembly and coating protection. The implementation of corrosion-resistant steel standards has a far-reaching impact on China's shipbuilding, steel straw, shipping, and the production of supporting marine coatings

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