New chapters of the three most popular IEI themes

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New chapter of IEI's three themes

since Weida power split its brand and OEM business last year and built the first international EMS factory in Shanghai Xinzhuang, the strategic vision of this old industrial computer enterprise has become increasingly clear. From a customer service center to today's EMS operation headquarters, IEI's intention is self-evident from serving food and health products, personal care, feed, medical equipment, automobile, coating and paint, electronics and electrical, life protection in Taiwan to R & D, manufacturing and brand sales in Shanghai. Mr. guoboda, chairman of the company, has high hopes for this business restructuring. "The division between the brand and the OEM business is like starting a new business. We are convinced that we have the ability to deliver good results." This is brewing new opportunities, no doubt, but also means no small challenges

meet the technology inflection point

since the birth of the first generation STD bus industrial computer in the 1980s, the development of industrial computer technology in China has gone through three generations, and is currently transitioning from the second generation IPC to embedded and epic

in order to seize this opportunity, IEI spared no effort in the promotion and application of new technologies. It is reported that the company has launched a full line of IPC products using Pentium M technology, which can provide customers with a complete upgrade from P4 to Pentium M platform. Five major companies in the world produce polyarylether ketones. IEI also actively participates in new industry standards and specifications such as PICMG 1.3 and epic. It is worth mentioning that the "lead-free manufacturing processes" (RoHS) technology introduced by the group at a huge cost has been copied to the Shanghai manufacturing base to meet the international environmental protection standard of "lead-free manufacturing"

the introduction of lead-free process requires a substantial increase in cost, which is a problem that many first-class manufacturers are unwilling to face, and there is little progress in the industrial control industry. It can be said that IEI took the lead in promoting this

challenges of private brands

iei will continue to expand its private brand business, and the first focus of expansion is the mainland market

at present, the group's private brand business to shorten the gap mainly includes two parts, one is industrial computer products, the other is network storage mail server products. In the field of traditional IPC, IEI has accumulated strong technical strength and brand awareness, and has won awards in the European market for three consecutive years; However, in the face of the mainland market, its products and brand energy seem to have room to explore

iei senior management deeply analyzed that "China will become the world's largest market for the new generation of industrial control computers. China's power, transportation, national defense, manufacturing, food processing, oil processing and other industries have put our years of global experience in demand for the new generation of industrial control products, and the market potential is amazing. However, compared with many competitors, IEI's market promotion and channel penetration ability need to be improved"

in the field of network storage mail server, the company will face greater challenges. It is understood that among the four categories of NAS, VPN, WMS and DVR products it has launched, only NAS has carried out large-scale market and channel promotion (cooperating with patriot and Jiajie), but the effect is not significant. Director Liang also admitted that IEI's NAS products are mainly aimed at families and small and medium-sized enterprises, while "the application of domestic users is obviously slow", so this market is still in the warm-up period; For the products with mature applications, the establishment of brand awareness and channel construction will become a top priority

expand EMS OEM services

in November 2004, IEI group built the first EMS (electronic manufacturing services) factory in the mainland in Xinzhuang Industrial Park in the southwest corner of Shanghai, covering an area of 42 Mu and a total construction area of 43771 square meters. It will provide the whole group with a full range of services in R & D, manufacturing and sales in China, including industrial computer products, network storage mail server products and professional EMS OEM services

"in 2005, our EMS internal revenue will take 30% as the growth target," guoboda told the media

according to Mr. Guo, the future industrial computer industry will form a global supply chain system of American brands + made in Asia + global marketing channels, which indicates huge business opportunities for Asian manufacturing enterprises. In the consumer electronics industry represented by personal computers, international EMS manufacturers such as Xudian, Flextronics, Hon Hai, quanta and Compal have emerged. The goal of IEI is to become a "unique electronic manufacturing service provider (UEMS)" in the industrial computer field. "I think IEI is the first EMS manufacturer to enter the industrial control field. We hope to be the first in industrial EMS."

it is reported that the company has two factories in the mainland, Shanghai and Kunshan. The former is the EMS operation headquarters and the latter is engaged in chassis assembly. In contrast, some industrial control manufacturers have set up factories in Kunshan, Dongguan and other places, but they generally focus on labor-based manufacturing and have not yet set foot in R & D. The reason why IEI group has set up a factory in Shanghai is not only the consideration of cost, but also the strengthening of R & D strength and the improvement of customer responsiveness. At present, they have the R & D and production capacity from board level to system level (chassis, power supply, LCD) and even scheme level products (network storage, digital monitoring). IEI has many EMS customers in Europe, Japan and India, and the market prospect is very promising

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