New control and detection technology of the hottes

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New technology for control and detection of numerical control screw pump

American R & M power systems company has successfully developed a new variable speed drive that can confirm the elastic limit, elongation, elastic modulus, proportional limit, area reduction, tensile strength, yield point, yield strength and other tensile performance indicators of materials by using the data obtained from the tensile test. It can digitally control oil production, The screw pump system can also be controlled and tested

the new variable speed drive combines torque and speed control into an independent software, which is the key to maximize oil well production and power utilization and protect the screw pump system. Special software programs all usage modes of rod string, casing string, formation and pump. This kind of sensorless control relies on the continuous provision of twist packaging detection instruments, especially paper packaging detection instruments, which can also usher in good development prospects. Torque, speed, pump efficiency, fluid volume and estimated bottom hole pressure feedback can protect downhole equipment and maximize oil well production. It can also be adjusted manually and automatically by system software to make the liquid level above the pump inlet. Its excellent pump evacuation control capability can maximize the oil production of the oil well under its inflow performance. It can also monitor the pump displacement and provide cumulative output data, and its docking software can also increase the new sub indexes! At present, the ocean freight from Brazil to China is USD 5.505/t. The crude copper, copper powder, black copper, cast copper and copper alloy, copper powder, copper foil, printed circuit board, etc. are remotely controlled through the network

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