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At the same time, the trouble caused by the conversion of electrochemical aluminum is to increase the flammability of the aircraft. Brief introduction

gorgeous and beautiful, bright colored electrochemical aluminum is displayed on the substrate after hot stamping by the bronzing machine, and its beautiful color has won wide appreciation. However, sometimes the bronzing machine will also encounter products that are not suitable for mechanical bronzing, and customers stubbornly do not use silk screen gold to produce products that are more in line with the market demand in a dilemma. The unique silk screen plate transfer anodized aluminum shows its advantages. The hot press tester needs to calibrate the test span to ensure the stability and stability of the test support. The hot stamping of anodized aluminum by gold machine mainly depends on temperature and pressure, while the silk transfer anodized aluminum depends on the role of adhesive. The reason why the adhesive can transfer anodized is that the outermost layer of anodized is composed of adhesive layer

in the electrochemical aluminum transfer operation, first of all, the printed graphics and text should be made into a silk plate, and the graphics and text on the plate should be clear. Then use the silk plate to print a layer of adhesive on the substrate, and then stick the anodized aluminum on it, and then use cotton or sponge to gently press the image and text part, wait for it to dry, and tear off the anodized aluminum (if the viscosity is strong, it does not need to wait for it to dry, and the tearing time should be fast). The parts with adhesive show clear and bright anodized images and texts

adhesive formula is the key to transfer printing. The formula should be formulated according to the nature of the substrate, the nature of the anodized adhesive layer and the adaptability of the silk plate. The viscosity and concentration of the formula should be properly prepared. For example, when the transfer bustar high-tech automatic impact testing machine is used to determine the resistance performance of metal materials under dynamic load and PVC, polystyrene plastic products and wood products, its adhesive formula is:

perchloroethylene resin 100g

xylene 50ml

cyclohexanone 350ml

perchloroethylene resin can also be used instead of PVC resin or two kinds of blending. Low molecular weight PVC resin. When transferring Celluloid Plastic products, the xylene in the above adhesive formula can be changed to acetone. When transferring plexiglass products, add some chloroform. When transferring metal, ceramic and glass products, the adhesive formula is: epoxy resin 100%. (o) dibutyl benzoate 3% - 5%, ethylenediamine 12% - 15% (diluent can be added if the concentration is too high)

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