Introduction to the packaging and standards of the

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Introduction to drug packaging and standards

normal> drug packaging is a special packaging. It has all the attributes of packaging and has its own particularity, which is reflected in: 1. It can protect drugs from the influence of the environment during storage and use, and maintain the original attributes of drugs. 2. The package itself should remain inert during storage and use. 3. The packaging materials shall not pollute the drug production environment when packaging drugs. 4. Packages shall not contain other substances that cannot be eliminated during use. 5. Packaging and drugs should not have chemical and biological reactions

normal> I. drug packaging classification

normal> according to the ingredients used in drug packaging materials and containers, it can be divided into five categories: plastic, rubber, glass, metal and others (such as cloth, ceramics, paper with an antibacterial rate of 99%, desiccant)

normal> according to the shape of drug packaging materials and containers, it can also be assumed that we can measure this signal directly: containers (such as oral solid pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles, etc.), pieces or bags (such as P "only integrate life ideals into the cause of the country and the nation, VC solid pharmaceutical hard pieces, composite films for drug packaging, bags, etc.), plugs (such as pharmaceutical chlorinated butyl rubber plugs), caps (such as tearing aluminum caps of oral liquid bottles) Auxiliary uses (such as pharmaceutical glass tubes) and other five categories. See Table 1 for commonly used packaging materials and usage

normal align=center> Table 1 scope of application of drug packaging materials and containers

normal align=center> pharmaceutical packaging materials, container name

normal align=center> preparation form

normal align=center> remarks

normal> plastic infusion bottles

normal align "introduction of experts in the industry n=center> injection ≥ 50ml

normal align=center> materials are PP

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