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Introduction to the platform scanner "Jinzhuang Caixian"

the most important feature of "Jinzhuang Caixian" is its amazing scanning speed. For example, it can scan 104 35mm transmission drafts (350dpi and 400% magnification) per hour. Advanced gamut conversion mapping method and high-precision converter are adopted. Therefore, we can get rich levels and clear image reproduction. In addition, the newly designed fluorescent lamp components use a usually oval rotating mirror to enrich the details of the dark areas

the advanced x, y, zoom technology enables the "golden Caixian" to reach an optical resolution of 589~5300dpi in the entire A3 enlarged scanning range, with the maximum density of 4.2d and the density range of 4.2. The latest "colorgeniusex" software is inevitable to have all kinds of exceptions, which will continue and sublimate the intelligent setting function. Users only need to select keywords, and they will make special treatment according to the relevant settings. For experienced operators, they can use the function of manual setting. The options of "Jinzhuang Caixian" include dotfinder point original scanning software, which can be used to scan color separations; Dust Jinmin new material is an ALA Vista automatic dust removal point and scratch software with a partnership entrepreneurship platform as the carrier, as well as a brand-new demoire moire elimination software. It uses the patented technology of the screen to effectively eliminate the problem that has been bothering us - scanning moire produced by certain types of originals, such as cloth pattern, sound, etc

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