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Introduction to the operation panel of CNC milling machine

taking the CNC milling machine model XK5032 and fanuc0-md CNC system as an example, this paper introduces the operation of CNC milling machine

the machine tool operation panel is composed of crt/mdi panel, new blue sea for agricultural products packaging, cold chain packaging and intelligent packaging, and two operation panels

after reading the above introduction, I don't know whether you have a new understanding of how to choose the good and bad tension machine now.

t/mdi panel

as shown in Figure 1, the crt/mdi panel is composed of a 9 "CRT display and an MDI keyboard. The functions of the keys on the crt/mdi panel are shown in Table 1

figure 1crt/mdi panel function description of each key on the panel

table 1crt/mdi

press this key to reset the CNC system. Including canceling the alarm, resetting the spindle fault, quitting the automatic operation cycle and input, output process, etc.

except for the program mode, when an alphabetic or numeric key is pressed on the panel, this key must be pressed to enter the CNC. In addition, when communicating with external devices, press this key to start the input device and input data into CNC.

in the automatic operation mode, press this button after selecting the program to be executed, and the automatic operation tensile machine tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. During the automatic cycle operation, the light in the button is on. In MDI mode, after data input, press this button to execute MDI instruction

when the button light is on, CNC is in single-stage operation state. In the automatic mode, each time you press the cyclestart button, only one program segment is executed

in the automatic mode, MDI mode or manual mode, when you press this button and the light is on, the servo system will not feed (if it has been fed, the servo feed will immediately decelerate and stop), but the position display will still be updated (the pulse distribution will continue), and the m, s, t functions still effectively output

when the machine tool is just powered on and the emergency stop button is released, Press this button to reset the strong current. In addition, when x, y and Z touch the hardware limit switch, press and hold this button forcibly, and operate the machine tool manually until it exits the limit switch (at this time, be sure to carefully select the correct movement direction to avoid damaging the mechanical single-chip microcomputer to display the experimental data and experimental status in real time)

when feeding at a certain speed with F command, adjust the feed rate from 0%-150%

when feeding with manual jog, When selecting jog feed rate

manual jog mode, select manual feed axis and direction. It must be noted that the arrow of each axis indicates the direction of tool movement (not the workbench)

when the working mode is hand pulse handle or hand pulse teach In H mode, rotating the hand pulse can feed each axis in the positive or negative direction

when the machine tool is in manual mode (jog, handle, tfach, h, rapid), the spindle can be started and stopped

cw: manual spindle forward rotation (with light)

ccw: manual spindle reverse rotation (with light)

stop: manual spindle stop (with light)

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