Introduction to the operating points of the hottes

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Introduction to key operating points of piston air compressor

1. Preparation before startup

(1) open the cooling water inlet valve and check whether the water supply of cooler cylinders at all levels is normal

(2) check whether the oil level in the crankcase is at the specified position

(3) check whether the inlet regulating valve is closed, whether the air compressor outlet vent valve is open, and whether the air supply valve is closed

(4) whether the electrical equipment is in the starting position

(5) check whether the anchor screws and coupling screws are loose,

(6) turn the flywheel for several revolutions, and check? Check whether the flywheel is stuck

2. Starting steps

(1) turn on the power, start the air compressor, and pay close attention to whether the oil pressure is normal and whether there is abnormal sound

(2) if everything is normal, open the inlet regulating valve. To fully open

(3) gradually turn down the outlet vent valve, and slowly open the air supply valve to supply air under normal load operation of the air compressor

the selection of the installation site of the air compressor is the most neglected by the staff. Often, after the air compressor is purchased, it will find a place at will and use it immediately after piping. There is no prior planning at all. However, such a hasty result has resulted in the failure of the air compressor in the future, difficult maintenance and poor air quality. Therefore, a proper installation site is the prerequisite for the correct use of the air compressor system:

(1) choose a wide place with good lighting, so as to facilitate the space and lighting required for operation, maintenance and repair

(2) choose a place with low air humidity, less dust, fresh air and good ventilation to avoid water mist, acid mist and oil mist. The environment with more dust and fiber ensures the working efficiency of customers

(3) according to the requirements of gb50029-2003 code for design of compressed air station, the heating temperature of the machine room in the compressed air station should not be lower than 15 ℃, and the temperature of the machine room in non working hours should not be lower than 5 ℃

(4) when the air compressor suction port or the unit cooling air suction port is set indoors, the indoor ambient temperature should not be greater than 40 ℃

(5) if the factory environment is poor and dusty, ----- professor wangminjie/Director of the mold Institute of Dalian University of technology must install pre filtration equipment to ensure the service life of air compressor system parts

(6) when a compressed air station with a single exhaust volume equal to or greater than 20m3/min and a total installed capacity equal to or greater than 60 m3/min should be equipped with lifting equipment for maintenance. During 1025, the green building can drive the market demand of green building materials of two trillion yuan, and its lifting capacity should be determined according to the heaviest part of the air compressor unit

(7) reserve passage and maintenance space. According to the requirements of gb50029-2003 code for design of compressed air stations, the passage width between the air compressor unit and the wall is 0.8 ~ 1.5m according to the exhaust volume

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