Introduction to the No.3 machine of Augsburg paper

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Introduction to Augsburg paper mill 3 in Germany

○ key words: Opticoncept paper machine; Technical equipment; LWC; MWC; ULWC; The production process

Augsburg spring comes from our household paper factory, located in the scenic Bavarian mountains in southern Germany, with a production capacity of 2.7 million tons/year and an annual income of 3.2 billion Deutsche marks. The leading products of the enterprise are high-quality paper, uncoated super calendered paper (SC-A, sc-b) and coated paper (LWC, M. the power supply can be cut off in front of windows first; turn off the oil pump and make the oil cylinder fall to WC, ulwc)

I had the opportunity to visit Haindl paper mill in Augsburg and visited the advanced No. 3 paper machine, which is briefly introduced as follows

Ogg PM3 is an Opticoncept modern high-speed paper machine, which was put into operation in 2000 and manufactured by Valmet company of Finland

Ogilvy width: 9.60m Ogilvy working speed: 1600 ~ 1800m/min Ogilvy products: LWC, MWC, ulwc Ogilvy quantitative: 39 ~ 70g/m2

Ogilvy PM3 is equipped with optiformer clip former, Optipress straight through press, sym run drying section and in machine coating press, eight roll super calender and optireelplus winder. The paper machine adopts DCS and QCS automatic control system

auger PM3 produces 39 ~ 70g/m2 high gloss coated paper, and the paper machine efficiency is 80 ~ 85%

1 new slurry ratio (Table 1) 2 new headbox spray head control

pm3 paper machine pulp speed ratio is controlled at 1.04, and the longitudinal/transverse tensile strength of the paper is about 2.3 ~ 2.6

3 new press section

the press section of the paper machine is a straight through two-stage press, the second press is a shoe press, the upper roll is a symbelt roll, the line pressure of the first press is 150 ~ 170kn/m, and the line pressure of the second press is 850kn/m. When the paper machine is replaced with a new blanket

Table 1 PM3 slurry ratio








kaolin, CaCO3%









note: the production capacity of dip pulp of this plant is 600t/d, and the waste paper is mainly OMG, equipped with some ONP


, the line pressure is set to be slightly higher, and the pressing pressure can be appropriately reduced after running for a period of time (at the later stage of the blanket)

the dryness of auger press paper sheet is 46% - 48% under the best operation condition. During the dehydration adaptation period of the new blanket, the dryness will be reduced to 42% - 43%, and the speed of the paper machine will be reduced to 1400m/min. With the improvement of the moisture removal of the blanket, the speed of the paper machine will be gradually restored

4 new traction speed difference

the wet end traction speed difference of auger paper machine is one of the operation conditions that are difficult to master. The equipment foundation, power supply and other supporting facilities are complete. With the changes of equipment operating conditions, polyurethane demand, spare parts status, sizing characteristics and wet paper dryness, random optimization is needed. The general data of the speed difference of the three main parts of the paper machine is:


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