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Introduction well-known ink-jet printing equipment at home and abroad

digital printing is a new thing in the development of digitalization and networking of printing technology, and it is also a focus of the development of printing technology, and ink-jet printing technology is the focus of its focus! If the development of digital printing has sprung up in recent years, the joining of inkjet technology makes it even more powerful. The printing quality is comparable to offset printing 'and' will completely replace offset printing '. Undoubtedly, these voices in the industry are supporting inkjet printing technology. Inkjet printing equipment can also be called the 'Pride' in the field of digital printing! Many powerful manufacturers, such as Agfa, Kodak, HP, screen, Fujifilm, Ossi, Puchi, Beida founder, etc., have made great contributions to creating these 'proud sons', constantly carrying out technological innovation and scheme innovation, and launching works that have shocked the industry, positioned in the special printing field integrating variable data and promotional information, such as transaction bill promotion, direct mail and commercial promotion advertising printing, As well as color books and periodicals, newspaper printing market, and even into the field of traditional offset momentum

Kodak stream continuous inkjet web printing machine

Kodak's new generation of stream concept digital printing machine using continuous inkjet technology has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in continuous inkjet technology. Its technological and functional innovation demonstrates how continuous inkjet printing technology can achieve offset grade quality in commercial applications and bring faster speed and lower operating cost to users. With a width of 50cm, stream has a high-speed production capacity of more than 500 pages per minute, with a monthly production capacity of more than 10million pages. It is positioned in the field of books, publishing and transaction bill promotion printing that may cause circuit board short circuit. The equipment is also expected to give full play to the advantages of digital printing in variable data printing and short edition printing companies

"Gu Zhengwei, director of the exhibition organizing committee and President of the Municipal Council for the promotion of international trade, said Agfa: dotrix modular industrial inkjet printer

Agfa: dotrix modular industrial inkjet printer, with a width of 63cm, adopts UV ink, has high printing quality, and can achieve high-speed printing of 24 meters/minute on different media, and can be upgraded to 30 meters/minute paper feeding, or even faster. : dotrix also reserves a flexographic interface for online operation, which makes it possible to print spot color or metal, fluorescent and high-density white ink and varnish. In addition, dotrix is also the world's first system that can process packaging materials, which can realize the printing of cartons, such as heat sensitive, pressure-sensitive, in mold labels and other label materials, and even various specific items such as plastic bags, multi-layer packaging, aluminum can covers, blister packaging and so on. Due to the wide adaptability of media and low cost, dotrix has become a strong competitor in the flexible packaging market. It is estimated that when the printing volume is higher than 15000 meters, the cost is still more economical than traditional flexo printing

screen inkjet printer series

truepress jet SX, the world's first color sheet fed high-speed inkjet printer, is designed for A2 format, with a resolution of 1440dpi and 720dpi. The printing speed can be as high as 100 pages (A4)/min. it can also be combined with offset printing for variable data printing. The screen truepress jet 520 color web inkjet printer can be regarded as a masterpiece in this field. It adopts Epson's latest multi frequency piezoelectric on-demand inkjet head, with a speed of up to 25200 pages (A4 color pages)/hour. It is suitable for the publishing and commercial printing fields such as on-demand newspapers, books and periodicals, transaction bill promotion, etc

hp inkjet web press color web inkjet printer

hp inkjet web press color web inkjet printer is the digital printer with the widest imaging area (762mm) in the industry, and the speed can reach 2600 pages (A4)/min. The equipment is also positioned in the printing market of newspapers, books and periodicals, transaction bill promotion and so on. At the same time, the printing cost is low, and each a is strong! BASF specially developed 3D printing materials for HP. The cost of 4 color pages is less than US $0.01. It is a digital printing machine that can compete with the offset printing market

Fujifilm jet press 720 color sheet fed inkjet printer

jet press 720 is developed by dimatix, a subsidiary of Fujifilm, and uses a full width (720mm) print head. The print head is composed of a high-density and long-life MEMS piezoelectric print element array. There are four different sizes of ink droplets in the inkjet process, so four different print densities can be achieved in one paper feeding process. The printing accuracy can reach 1200dpi, and the water-based ink developed by Fujifilm is called a model with printing quality and speed comparable to offset printing

oce jetstream1100/2200 continuous ink-jet web printer

oce jetstream1100/2200 continuous ink-jet web printer adopts dro on demand technology, has a high resolution of 600dpi and 600dpi, and supports the stable output of overload printing volume. Its full-color processing performance is excellent, up to 1026 pages (A4)/min, while the OCE jetstream2200 system with dual machines is as high as 2052 pages (A4)/min. The system is positioned in the high-quality, high-capacity and low-cost direct mail, variable data printing, ultra-high print volume commercial advertising printing and publishing markets

Puchi info print 5000 on demand inkjet digital printer

Puchi info print 5000 piezoelectric on demand inkjet digital printer, Equipped with the paper feeding and receiving equipment of laser Max web paper supply system company, "participating in the exhibition also looks at the conceptual needs of customers, and includes online punching and dynamic punching systems, so that the printing speed and printing quality can be organically integrated. While maintaining the printing quality, the printing speed can still reach 64 meters/minute or 862 pages (A4)/Minutes. The equipment is positioned in the fields of Bill advertising printing, on-demand printing and so on

Miyakoshi mjpv inkjet printer in Japan

Miyakoshi printing machinery company, which is good at manufacturing traditional bill printing machines, also found new development opportunities from inkjet technology, and launched its new mjpv high-speed double-sided four-color piezoelectric on-demand inkjet printer at the 2008 druba exhibition. The device has a width of 543mm, a resolution of 600dpi, and a speed of up to 100 meters/minute. It can technically achieve 1bit, 2bit, and 3bit ink drop control, and is evaluated by Panasonic inkjet head and UV ink. The target market is bill printing, on-demand printing, and other fields

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