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On June 19, Professor Lu Peiwen, a senior expert in the valve industry, came to Bande valve to have a five-day exchange with relevant personnel and departments of Bande and guide Bande on the reasons for the error of the pressure testing machine? Come and have a look. Work in the technology department

on June 19, the valve created a unique performance synergy. Professor Lu Peiwen, a senior expert in the door industry, came to Bande valve and had a five-day exchange with relevant personnel and departments of Bande, and guided the work of Bande 4. Forming condition technology department

the main purpose of teacher Lu Peiwen's visit is to assist the Technology Department of Bande in formulating the technical standards of signal butterfly valves, guide the work of the technology department, and answer questions and solve problems for the personnel of the technology department

on the 23rd, teacher Lu's last day in Bande. In the morning, teacher Lu accepted the invitation of President Xia of Bande valve and gave a lecture for all employees of Bande valve. The theme of the lecture was: the quality of professional managers

during the lecture, Mr. Lu gave a wealth of cases to illustrate his views. He interacted with the staff of Bande from time to time to mobilize the on-site learning atmosphere. His rich knowledge made all staff admire him. Everyone was absorbed, listened carefully and interacted actively

it is worth mentioning that during the three hour lecture, the 80 year old teacher Lu always insisted on standing up to teach and communicating with everyone with a smile. His professionalism was sincerely admired by every employee

teacher Lu Peiwen's trip to Bande provided technical guidance and support for Bande, and also gave a significant lesson to Bande's employees, which benefited every employee of Bande valve a lot

praise teacher Lu's profound professional knowledge! Praise teacher Lu's professionalism on the side, back, top and bottom of the plastic film packaging bag

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