Top ten cloud storage platform skills

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Top ten cloud storage platform skills

for cloud storage, it has been a long and strange year. The once thought storage fashion has just appeared everywhere, and cloud migration strategies are more extensive than ever. For some organizations, the challenges faced by the current personal hygiene products market and the high level of consumer demand have prompted all partners in the hygiene products value chain to speed up the research and development process and launch more innovative product solutions, whether to realize the cloud storage platform is no longer a problem, but when to implement it is the focus

technologies such as disaster recovery services (draas) and IOT cloud storage have attracted more and more attention. While the debate between public cloud and private cloud is raging, it makes hybrid cloud attract more users. From selecting suppliers to raising 2 Verification of fatigue life: high performance after a given number of cycles, hybrid cloud is still one of the hottest topics in 2016

next, according to popularity, I list a major cloud storage skill with high reading volume in 2016

how to choose cloud migration strategy

when migrating data to the cloud, it is important to choose a strategy that suits the needs of the organization. With the data migration to the cloud storage platform, there are some factors to consider, such as whether you have migrated archived data, and they have different downtime requirements. Unless it happens on the legendary "generic" cloud product, it must be based on your specific use case migration plan

iot best storage system

IOT files may be small, but the total amount of unstructured data that makes up them may lead to serious and slow storage. Block storage and file storage are more suitable for structured data, so what are the other options

due to the infinite extensible architecture and persistent nature of object storage, it is very suitable for processing Pb level unstructured data accumulated through IOT files. For the main choice of cloud, object storage can be used for private, public and hybrid cloud platforms. By providing a wide range of metadata in each file, object storage can filter a large amount of unstructured data, but it won't bother you

advantages and disadvantages of public and private clouds

when choosing a cloud storage platform, you may find it difficult to choose between public and private clouds. Both of them have the advantages of cloud storage: they are scalable and elastic, and if they are used properly, the cost will be very low. Of course, they have their own shortcomings

as a public cloud user, you have been worried about specific service quality, but security is not under your control. Managing workloads can be complex and a long-term cost investment. This is not to say that private cloud is just a picnic

different methods of hybrid cloud

public or private cloud storage platforms may not be what your organization is looking for. Fortunately, there may be a good intermediary. Hybrid clouds are becoming more and more popular, which is not surprising when considering the public or private cloud infrastructure. If you are interested in deploying hybrid clouds, there are several different methods you can use

one option is DIY, which allows you to build your own environment, but it is not suitable for everyone. Not many enterprises have the resources or capabilities to build hybrid clouds from the beginning, so this should be taken into account first

seven key characteristics of enterprise cloud backup providers

when choosing a cloud backup provider, it is important to first check your own needs. As manufacturers continue to provide enterprise level choices and different types of services, the cloud backup market is becoming more and more crowded. By screening out your priorities, you can narrow the scope and find the best choice for the enterprise

there are seven key elements in finding cloud backup providers. From issues of particular concern to manufacturers, such as reputation or service level agreements, to technical issues, such as security and compatibility, these skills will run through your entire consideration cycle before making a decision

hybrid cloud infrastructure can improve additional performance.

a major benefit of hybrid cloud is that it has the best aspects of private and public cloud environments. Hybrid cloud has hidden mystery, which not only has better performance, but also has low-cost characteristics

by migrating passive data to a lower storage layer, the hybrid cloud platform can clean up much-needed storage space, otherwise it may be wasted by rarely accessed data. If you are disappointed by the previous complex experience of moving data to the public cloud, several providers have recently developed products to automate this process. Hybrid cloud is also a preferred choice for backup as a service vendors in the initial backup to overcome performance and large-scale extended recovery. Unpredictable peaks in workloads may increase the cost of local resources, so you can hope to avoid this problem by using cloud bursts, which is another benefit of hybrid clouds

enterprise file synchronization and sharing are becoming tense

do you think the enterprise file synchronization (EFSS) market is disappearing? Some storage experts seem to think so, and the market competitiveness has declined in the past two years. This does not mean that it has disappeared. If you carefully observe the EFSS market, the growth rate of suppliers such as box and Dropbox is rising steadily

security may be a problem, so some EFSS manufacturers have added some policies to let it administrators control their data. Application integration enables EFSS to achieve another growth: Microsoft applications and salesforce are the technical representatives of the future. If there is only demand for EFSS, the probability of this market disappearing will be very small

object storage customs may not be applicable to data migration

simplify the migration of data to object storage. Customs seem to be a method, but it is not the best method. Although Guan can reduce the consumption of storage in data migration, in fact, compared with other data migration projects, its steps are not so few. Using standard file or block interfaces, object storage gates still require 32 to 34 manual steps to migrate files and storage blocks

with labor-intensive processes, object storage customs may make you complicate the data protection process. Because all reads and writes must be turned off first, it may become a storage blocking point, resulting in downtime of data inaccessibility

choose a hybrid cloud provider first look at the cost and functions

obviously, hybrid cloud is a hot topic in 2016, but how do you choose a provider? Because of practice and performance, one aspect of hybrid cloud that many readers are interested in is how to decide a vendor

before deciding on a provider, please record the needs of the organization. If you are looking for easier data transmission methods or prioritizing business continuity, your choices may change. Tiering and snapshot are two functions that need to be considered, as well as the close cooperation between service providers and storage portfolio providers

more requirements for draas

if your only requirement for draas providers is to minimize the available data in disasters, you should know that you can do better. Enterprises need to know the list of essential functions of draas. Whether using their own cloud or public cloud services, draas providers should support every platform in your environment, and they should recover data quickly

when evaluating draas suppliers, please determine the storage method of data. This may affect downtime and the ability of the provider to meet your time and objectives for recovery. Depending on the vendors, they may not support the servers and applications you use, so be aware of this. It is not a trivial matter to protect and ensure the availability of important data after a disaster, but the use of cloud storage platform can enable providers to do more work

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