Mueller company of the UK launched double hose yog

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Mueller UK launched double hose yogurt packaging

Mueller UK recently launched a new double hose packaging. The longitudinal direction of the hose uses the colorful colors to explore the charm of nature. There is a seal to separate the two hoses. One of them is filled with 48 grams of yogurt, and the other is 16 grams of jam. Double tube packages weighing a total of 64 grams share one seal. As implied by the packaging itself, consumers can mix yogurt and jam by folding the hose several times, and then squeeze it out after opening the seal

double hose packaging is a new series of Mueller's corner brand, and it is also the best-selling yogurt in the UK. The yogurt of corner brand is packed in separate or two separate thermoforming cups, in which the simple introduction milk of the special experimental machine for acid Jinan test steel strand is placed in one corner, and the mixed jam is placed in the other corner. The newly launched double hose packaging is the first hose yogurt packaging launched by Mueller

"the new packaging enhances the convenience of the corner series, and yogurt can be eaten without a spoon." Anthony white, senior manager of Mueller's family products department, "It brings more interest to the product fatigue testing machine through the main machine, high-temperature furnace, high-temperature fixture, high-temperature deformation and measurement and control device. The basic feature of corner packaging series is to mix two kinds of food together, such as yogurt and fruit. The new packaging makes a better interpretation of this feature." the shelf life of double hose packaged yogurt can reach 31 days in a refrigerated environment, which is the same as that of yogurt cup packaging

the equipment for processing this new package is also a brand-new vertical forming/filling/sealing equipment in the world. It is provided by hassia company in Germany, and the agent in the United States is hassia USA. The equipment model is SVL 20/30, which processes a single roll of film into a hose, and then longitudinally heat seals it into two adhesive double tube packages. After sealing the bottom, the double tube packaging is filled, and finally the upper nozzle is sealed. The output of the equipment is 12000 packages per hour

film coiled material is provided by Germany VAW flexible packaging company. The base material is polyester, and other details are not disclosed by Zhou Fulin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. The corner brand has a long history of 15 years in the UK and has maintained a large number of production. White explained, "corner is the first yogurt product in the UK, with a market share of more than 20 percent." The new double tube packaging has expanded the brand range and better attracted the purchase interest of young people and children

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