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"Mr. AI" Robin Lee: openness + innovation, China's AI industry landing faster

on March 23, the 2019 China development high level Forum opened at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The theme of this forum was to adhere to expanding openness and promoting win-win cooperation. Many business leaders, representatives of international organizations and Chinese and foreign scholars from all over the world attended the opening ceremony. On the same day, Robin Lee, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, delivered a speech entitled "changing technology in China". He pointed out that China not only shows great differences with the United States in the field of Internet, but also has greater openness to autonomous driving in the field of artificial intelligence. The innovative applications and landing scenes of intelligent voice interaction are constantly enriched, and cloud computing technology continues to penetrate into the industry. China has taken a different path from the world in artificial intelligence, and China is changing the direction of world science and technology

as the leader of Baidu, a representative enterprise in the domestic AI industry, Robin Lee has made many relevant speeches in recent years to introduce AI to the industry and the public. This participation is directly called by the host. Under his first layout, Baidu has gradually shown its advantageous position in the world's top enterprises on the dual track track track of artificial intelligence research and development and application

Robin Lee introduced Baidu's innovative achievements in intelligent voice interaction on the spot

Baidu, which began to invest in autonomous driving research and development as early as 2013, has also accelerated on behalf of China in technology research and development and application. In this regard, Robin Lee admitted that this is the result of Baidu's open technology and building an open ecosystem. We are not only open-source, but also open-source, that is, the source code is all open. I think this is China's contribution to the world's autonomous driving technology. It is reported that the Apollo platform has been established for less than two years, and has gathered more than 130 partners and 10000 developers in the upstream and downstream of the global industrial chain, including Daimler, Ford, Volvo, etc

previously, baidu took the lead in releasing the world's first L4 driverless mass production vehicle last year, and created the world's largest intelligent driving ecosystem. A series of achievements have attracted global attention. Harvard Business Review, an authoritative American media, once commented that Baidu's first driverless open platform in the world has greatly promoted the development of intelligent driving industry in China and the world. In the past few years, Baidu's efforts in the field of intelligent driving have also extended from the study of intelligent cars to intelligent roads, and then to Planning Intelligent cities and solving traffic congestion by taking the overall intelligent transportation, vehicle road coordination and other technologies as the entry point

in the field of smart home, China also shows its unique innovation advantages. Robin Lee said that Baidu launched the world's first smart speaker with screen last year. At present, the shipment volume has exceeded that of speakers without screen, and began to gradually win market recognition and enter ordinary families. It is worth mentioning that endless conversation really meets the needs of people to realize dialogue interaction with AI. He said that this is a very meaningful thing, which is a step closer to intelligent assistant and conversational artificial intelligence. In terms of more scene innovation, Xiaodu mobile bracket helps people realize voice control, and TV partners can turn traditional non internet TV into Internet TV to realize functions. Robin Lee said that by using these scenarios, we can push the technology of recycling waste plastics to a more cutting-edge position, which is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years

in addition, with the continuous upgrading of traditional industries enabled by artificial intelligence, more and more new technologies also show great advantages. Baidu AI Cloud upgrades the quality inspection link that consumes a lot of manpower in the industrial manufacturing link, and realizes the industrial vision solution of end, edge and cloud, which improves the sampling rate and reduces human consumption at the same time. As a cost-effective nylon material, Baidu's social coordination CRM is also helping enterprises realize social collaboration, cross enterprise transactions and collaborative development. If the dust is relatively large, you need to find a machine clothes to cover the gap and broach to prevent the dust from entering the oil tank

At the end of the speech, Robin Lee said that China's rich resources such as data, talent, capital, infrastructure, application scenarios and so on can promote many innovations to appear first in China. Therefore, it helps China win a leading position in the world, and its rigidity is very good. In the future, these unique kinetic forces of the Chinese market will also accompany China's opening-up and innovation, and bring driving forces that affect the trend of world science and technology. These innovations can be used not only by China, but also by the world. Create big opportunities through large-scale and big data, so that China can contribute world-wide technology to the world. Robin Lee said

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