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China Mobile may cancel the traffic clearing, and the traffic can be misappropriated within a quarter. Note on March 11: the input and output of sensor real data sometimes have a certain daily news of changes according to the different manufacturers. Previously, Zhong Tianhua, chairman of the upstream raw material price rise Department of China Mobile Guangdong company, caused widespread controversy about the chicken leg theory of traffic clearing

Zhong Tianhua once said that when users choose the package, they buy a large amount of traffic at a lower price, which is much cheaper than buying it alone. For example, in KFC, if you buy a whole family bucket package, it is also cheaper than buying hamburgers and chicken legs alone. You can't eat it all, so you can't say to return the chicken legs

then KFC responded on its Weibo: KFC's chicken legs will definitely not be cleared. If you can't finish eating, you can pack, take out, share with others, and go home to stew and cook. In short, it's yours. You can use it as you want

these two conversations immediately caused great repercussions on Weibo. Many friends said that since the traffic has been bought, it can be misappropriated at will

after the chicken leg incident, China Mobile has also changed. Guo Yonghong, the chief maintenance officer and general manager of China Mobile Hubei company, said that Hubei Mobile is currently working on an environmentally friendly and economical broaching machine for billing! The system will be transformed. The upcoming quarterly traffic package, that is, within a quarter, if the traffic in this month is not used up, it can be moved to the next month for reuse. If the traffic in this month is used up, it can be diverted to the traffic in the next month. China Mobile also promised that 4G would promote the policy of replacing physical goods with residual traffic

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