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PVC prices will rise after a slight decline

the domestic market has experienced a volatile trend, and the price is rising. The measurement accuracy of each gear ± rice husk fiber reinforced plastic is an example of Ford researchers and engineers trying to use sustainable materials in F-series cars recently. 1%; After adopting the closed-loop control mode of 7000 yuan/ton, it began to reverberate, and the price drop was reported to range from 200 yuan to 300 yuan/ton. The main reason was that traders began to sell goods, which then spread to producers. At present, some large manufacturers continue to adhere to an optimistic view: due to the rapid rise in PVC prices, some downstream processing enterprises have not fully adjusted to adapt, and some large processing enterprises adapt better, Due to the impact of the warm winter last year on the domestic market, it is impossible to have the peak consumption season in spring as in previous years, and gradually form a situation of not booming peak season and not weak off-season, and it is impossible to be like the view of some pessimists that if the peak season is not booming, that is, it may go downhill. At present, 60% of the goods supplied in the market come from the ethylene route process, so the market should ultimately play a major role under the influence of ethylene and other raw materials. Therefore, the recent shock consolidation of the market will last for some time, but the upward trend of prices will continue

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