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Conceptualization of interactive packaging design IV

v. the problem of dynamic packaging design must go after a steady stop and prospects

the emergence of dynamic packaging also brings some inevitable problems. Compared with the static packaging of dynamic packaging, this kind of sales packaging literally appears in front of consumers in a static form. Static packaging can be seen everywhere in life. A good static packaging, static packaging also has its irreplaceable advantages: its surface graphic design is a good work of art, and can even be used for collection. At this point, the current dynamic packaging is not enough, but I believe that in a short time, dynamic packaging will solve this problem. At that time, the dynamic packaging has a downloadable function, so good graphic design can be downloaded and collected by consumers

when dynamic packaging is popular and popular, this technology will be used by some illegal businesses, which will harm the majority of consumers. For example, for some edible goods, the most important ones are the production date, shelf life and shelf life conditions. Once these information is printed on the static packaging, it is difficult to change it, but on the dynamic packaging, this becomes very simple. As long as the goods are not sold, it is only necessary to change the data in the chip through the computer, or enter some commands that will automatically change the date on a regular basis, If it is connected with the Internet, it will be easier. In this way, the interests of consumers will be greatly hurt, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased

there are also a lot of inconveniences in the transportation of dynamic packaging at present. The display screen should be very careful not to be damaged, and the chip should not be shocked. Therefore, the transportation cost is obviously increased. When the goods with hundreds of yuan are in the hands of consumers, they may have to be turned over several times, or even dozens of times

dynamic packaging is only a new thing today. Although a small amount of dynamic packaging has been launched in western countries, it is far from replacing the traditional static packaging. The interactivity of dynamic packaging is indeed very suitable for today's social forms, but at present, the technology of dynamic packaging is not enough. Most of the high-end complex dynamic packaging contain high-tech components. Although the memory materials mentioned above have been vigorously developed, they are far from being popularized. The cost of light packaging of dynamic packaging containing memory materials is expensive, and it is impossible to use them in low-cost products at present. There are also dynamic packaging such as electronic screens, which have been vigorously developed in western countries, but are generally used in high-priced products. At present, it is only an idea to connect with the global Internet. Therefore, dynamic packaging is largely affected by the popularity of science and technology. Dynamic packaging is not only limited by technology, but also restricted by people's education. As long as it is a high-tech product, it needs a certain technical content. The above-mentioned dynamic packaging connected with the Internet, if this kind of packaging is popularized, consumers need not only to have an understanding of the network, but also the same language. Judging from the current popularity of English, Internet and education in China, this kind of dynamic packaging is far from entering the Chinese market

cost is very important for a package. No matter how good the package is, it is only an accessory of the product. No matter how interactive the dynamic packaging is, it is only for promoting the products inside. Therefore, no matter how good a package is, its cost cannot exceed the cost of the products inside (except for moon cake packaging). At present, there is another disadvantage of dynamic packaging, which is its high price. Today, although science and technology have been quite developed, some new technologies have not been popularized, which not only affects the price of dynamic packaging itself, but also restricts the transportation mentioned above. Therefore, dynamic packaging cannot be popularized at present, but I believe that in the near future, these factors affecting the popularity of dynamic packaging will be solved one by one. It can be seen from the above that the cost of dynamic packaging is too high for now, and only some high-precision electronic products can use dynamic packaging. Another point is that as far as the commodities on the market are concerned, if dynamic packaging is used, it will dominate the market, because the usability of the products on the market is not very complete. Moreover, in terms of recycling and utilization, paper packaging is not a big problem at this point, but dynamic packaging with display screen, like that, will cost a lot of money in recycling. Special personnel are required to conduct acceptance and recycling. It has good high temperature resistance, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, mechanical properties, electrical properties, hydrolytic resistance, weather resistance Wait

with the development of society, thousands of things are constantly updating and improving. The traditional static packaging first appeared in the primitive society of mankind, and it has been thousands of years since. Although the static packaging has developed from the bundled straw rope to today's metal, paper, plastic and glass as the main production materials, and the packaging graphic design has also changed from the original color painting to today's digital design, it can be seen from various signs that the static packaging has reached the top wind, Using new materials, the packaging form is still static. Moreover, the decoration design of packaging has reached a peak today. If you want to have new development, you need to make a breakthrough

in order to make the packaging play a better role in promoting the sales of goods, it is necessary to change the original shape of the packaging and change from static to dynamic. People's living standards are constantly improving, and the demand for commodities is no longer limited to quality and quantity. A product should be worth its money from the inside out, or even exceed its value for money. In the face of such a social development trend, static packaging has come to an end, and it has been inherited from a new thing. However, static packaging cannot be completely denied. Static packaging also has its irreplaceable characteristics, such as low cost, light weight, simple structure and so on. Things are interrelated. Without the concept of static, there will be no dynamic appearance. Many forms of dynamic packaging are obtained by changing and updating on the basis of static packaging, so the two complement each other and are indispensable

dynamic packaging is a new concept. Before dynamic packaging has fully entered the market, dynamic packaging has appeared in packaging education. The dynamic packaging conceptual design works (Figure 17-21) that college students dare to innovate are forward-looking. We firmly believe that in the near future, dynamic packaging will replace the dominant position of static packaging and lead the trend of society. Substitution does not mean that dynamic packaging will negate static packaging. With the development of supermarkets and automated commodity display and sales, dynamic packaging will absorb the advantages of static packaging, improve its own improper arrival at the set force value, and promote sales packaging to a new field

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