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Worries about the plasticization of food packaging

after the transaction, some goods need to be wrapped and some need to be tied. For example, there are many kinds of non-staple foods, and the wrapping methods are also very particular. Different wrapping methods should be adopted according to the performance of the goods, so that the wrapping is firm, beautiful and economical. There are three modes commonly used: water chestnut bag (its shape is like water chestnut), axe bag (its shape is like axe), tube bag (its shape is like bamboo tube), as well as hand copied bag, bucket bag, four square bag. Coupled with red gift paper and colored rope binding, its shape is beautiful, firmly tied, easy to carry, and is popular with urban and rural consumers

since the 1980s, with the launch of plastic bags, the commercial operation Department can be sure that almost all the goods sold by the wear type door at the corresponding stage do not use the traditional bandaging mode. The salesperson weighs the candies, snacks, sugar, etc. purchased by the customers, and then pours them into the plastic bag for the customers to carry away, which is more convenient. Some street food stall owners hold plastic bags to hold hot and dry noodles, steamed buns, fried dough sticks and other food for customers, but they do not know that this is the enemy of health

according to the introduction, there are three kinds of plastic bags that people use now: one is that it can't touch the skin and put food, but can only be used to hold building materials; One can be used for clothing; Another kind can be barely used to hold food. Therefore, never use plastic bags indiscriminately when loading food

commodity packaging forms a single plastic bag, which brings many inconveniences to the urban and rural people's multifaceted and multi-level living and consumption needs to a certain extent. Bayer's EBITDA still shows a small increase. For example, the author once encountered such a thing: a farmer and his wife went to the city to buy 30 kilograms of non-staple food such as candy, cakes, sugar, and asked the salesperson to wrap them into three traditional shapes of water chestnut bags, axe bags, and tube bags to give gifts to relatives and friends. They almost ran all over the urban streets and alleys, but failed to do so

in order to explore the simplification of the packing mode of goods in the current business field, the author visited several "old businesses" and learned from their words that customers require plastic bags or traditional packing mode to occupy a certain proportion for the purpose of beautiful appearance, firm binding and portability after purchasing goods. However, due to the traditional bandaging mode, the bandaging of goods should be prepared according to the actual needs of goods bandaging. For example, the wrapping paper should be cut according to size, and the required quantity for several days should be prepared at a time. The rope should be wound into a plate according to the thickness and length of the rope; Paper bags and gift pads, red paper gift strips, colored ropes, etc. that need to be prepared for gift packing should be prepared in advance. These trends will necessarily consume a lot of human, material and financial resources, and packaging goods with plastic bags can save a lot of human, material and financial resources accordingly. Today, when time is money, the traditional commodity wrapping mode with paper as the main material is naturally easy to be eliminated and tends to disappear, and the technology is also on the verge of losing

nowadays, in the commercial operation Department, some new commercial recruits who have just joined the work do not know much about the traditional bandaging techniques such as water chestnut bags, axe bags, tube bags, etc. mentioned above, and they can't operate at all. Instead, they are almost dominated by plastic bags

relevant experts pointed out that many plastic bags that are not allowed to contain food are now used in the market, and consumers must pay attention to them in use. First of all, fish vendors often use plastic bags with special dark colors, such as black, red and dark blue. Dark colored plastic bags are mostly reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, which is harmful to the human body. 3. The ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor, is a major hazard, so it cannot be used to contain imported food. Moreover, the ultra-thin plastic bags often used for staple foods are also forbidden to contain food. In addition, PVC plastic products cannot be used to store alcoholic food and oily food, otherwise the lead in the bag will dissolve into the food; At the same time, it is not allowed to store food with a temperature of more than 50 ℃

it should be pointed out that at present, the phenomenon of single packaging of various non-staple food and drinking food in society is somewhat incompatible with the good situation of the growing commodity economy and the growing living and consumption needs of consumers, which should be reformed. First, we should change the single mode of plastic packaging goods into multiple modes, which will cause the price of industrial finished products to fall into a state of runaway in a short time, and two packaging modes coexist to meet the multifaceted and multi-level living and consumption needs of urban and rural consumers. Second, stop using food bags and shopping bags containing pigments to control table pollution. According to the report, Fuzhou environmental protection, industry and commerce, health, Finance Commission, technical supervision, urban management and other six departments jointly issued a notice that from October 1, 2001, all farmers' markets and supermarkets are no longer allowed to use pink plastic bags to package food for sale to consumers. All morning markets have also stopped using colored food bags. These practices are quite worthy of learning and reference. Third, further develop the traditional commodity packaging technology, and carry out technical design on the gift paper, printing the name, address, postal code, number and business variety of the commodity on it. In this way, it can not only play the role of commodity advertising, but also beautify commodities and increase "selling points", which can be described as killing several birds with one stone

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