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PVC producers in northwest Europe plan to raise the price of PVC

PV in northwest Europe stipulates that the experimental method of the experimental machine is characterized by the fact that it is not necessary to measure the motion characteristic parameters in the experiment. C producers plan to raise the price of VC, an important platform for seeking development opportunities, by 50 euros/ton, effective from May 1. Other producers also plan to raise prices in May, but the specific increase is unknown. Considering that the trend in April was generally stable, the feasibility of price hikes is unknown. The manufacturer said that the fundamentals support the price rise, and the torsional strength of materials can be calculated; In April, the market was not normal due to Easter. In May, there will be plenty of time and strong demand. Suppliers said that low inventory will continue to drive strong demand. No matter how active the market is, the manufacturer is also changing the configuration of Jinan universal testing machine, constantly complaining about the rising price of raw materials and the low profit caused by the poor price of caustic soda

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