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The 11th training course for tailors of isalai has come to a perfect end! Nearly 40 students from all over the country studied hard in this training. In the final training class, all of them passed the examination and successfully obtained the completion certificate of this training

on May 23rd, 2015, the 11th five-day training course for tailors ended perfectly

in this training, students from more than 20 franchised stores in 8 provinces participated in this special training class for tailors. At the same time, nearly 40 people participated in this training, reaching the peak in the history of isalai curtain fabric training

(Mr. Lin Jiarong, Dean of isalay business school, delivered a speech)

(mobilization speech by Mr. Lu xueyin, head teacher of isalay Business School)

on the morning of May 19, 2015, the eleventh special training course for tailors was officially opened. First of all, Mr. Lin Jiarong, Dean of isalay business school, delivered a speech and shared a story about "persistence" with the students, encouraging everyone to be a persistent person and bring persistence to learning; Then Mr. Lu xueyin, the head teacher of isalay business school, came to the stage to make a mobilization speech for this training, encouraging students to work hard and make progress; Finally, the lecturers of this course, Mr. LAN Xiaohua and Mr. Yan hailing, will give a speech respectively and make a simple self introduction

(the students of the tailoring class went to the exhibition hall to learn the knowledge of isalai curtain fabric)

(the students took notes while listening to the teacher)

(look at my Scissorhands ~ we are all lovely isalai people)

in this five-day study, through the study of "corporate culture", the students further understood the essence of isalai's brand culture, At the same time, teachers LAN Xiaohua and Yan Hailing gave lectures on the courses of "basic summary, proportion, material calculation ①", "material calculation ②, pleating production, looping production", "flat production", "anti wave production", "hollow wave production, hand in hand wave production", and flag production ". The students learned the main contents of this course, and we also carried out practical exercises during theoretical study, Apply the knowledge learned in practice and have a deeper understanding of our isalay tailoring technology; In these five days, in addition to taking classes and practicing in the training room, the students also visited and studied in the new exhibition hall of isalay curtain headquarters, which has reached more than 3000. The study in the exhibition hall was explained and introduced by teachers Qu Yunyi and LAN Xiaohua. Through visiting the exhibition hall, the students can have a deep understanding of our products. In order to enable the students to understand our products in an all-round way, The teachers also led the students to isalai processing factory for observation and learning, to understand each step of the product from the beginning of design to production and processing, and finally to the finished product, and to understand the product in an all-round and three-dimensional way for learning

(teachers hold cloth samples to explain curtain process production with students)

(students actively ask questions and try to learn cutting knowledge)

(look, curtains are sewn like this! Teachers demonstrate in person, and students concentrate!)

the students of this learning journey can be said to have returned with a full load. What is more worth celebrating is that all the members of the 11th special training class for tailors have passed the examination, and all the students have successfully obtained the completion certificate of this training. Now they have returned to the place where they continue to struggle with their honors, but the friendship of the 11th special training class for tailors will always remain in the hearts of each of us, I believe they can bring better service and fine fabric craftsmanship to the local top ten curtain brands with this "full harvest"

(with the in-depth explanation of the senior fabric trainer in the company headquarters, the students must gain a lot)

(yeah!! isalai people will win!!)

finally, I would like to congratulate all the students of the 11th special training course for tailors of the top ten brands of isalay curtains on their successful graduation and full harvest. See you next time

(group photo of the 11th special training class for tailoring teachers)




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