Congratulations on the successful signing of Libo

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Fan Zongyuan, the dealer, operates a cabinet brand and a well-known kitchen appliance brand in Beijing. He is honest and has good local connections and rich customer resources. With the advent of the era of full house customization

dealer fan Zongyuan operates a cabinet brand and a well-known kitchen appliance brand in Beijing. He is honest and has good contacts and rich customer resources in the local area. With the arrival of the era of whole house customization, Mr. Fan is considering transformation and looking for first-line brand cooperation. After repeated consideration and comparison, I finally fell in love with the good development prospects and perfect product details of Libo cabinet | whole house customization. After signing the contract, start the store preparation immediately. Taiyuan store has entered the golden position of Jinxiu International Decoration City strongly and is expected to enter the business state in mid August. Another competitive high-end cabinet image store of Libo is about to debut. Please look forward to it

Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, is called "union" for short, also known as Bingzhou, Jinyang in ancient times, also known as Longcheng. It is an excellent tourist city in China, a national historical and cultural city, a national garden city, the core city of Taiyuan metropolitan area, and the political, economic, cultural, transportation and international traffic center of Shanxi Province. Taiyuan has been known as the "splendid Taiyuan city" since ancient times. It is an important military and cultural town in northern China, a Shanxi business metropolis in the world, and one of China's energy and heavy industry bases

Libo cabinet | whole house customization is committed to creating an elegant life and adheres to the 100% original design concept. Over the years, Libo cabinet has a decisive position in China's high-end cabinet market, and has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the middle East and Southeast Asia. With the arrival of the "era of big home furnishings", Libo's whole house customization industry chain has set off a new journey. Libo will bring elegant and fashionable home art experience to thousands of households




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