How to decorate an old house Feng Shui

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Many people will decorate their old houses, which saves the money needed to buy a house. But what are the problems in the decoration of old houses? What are the problems? How to decorate the old house? What is Feng Shui like? Let's have a look

how to decorate an old house Feng Shui

how to decorate an old house

1 Porch decoration or decoration

the place where the bedroom enters the door is the “ of the house in Feng Shui; Throat ”, Its importance can be imagined. The porch should be kept clean and tidy. If all kinds of sundries and garbage are accumulated, it will be harmful to the circulation of air from the perspective of health, resulting in air turbidity. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it will lead to poor air circulation and bring gossip to the homeowner. It is also not suitable to stack sundries outside the door, which will easily lead to poor airflow and poor gas field of the house

the porch is usually the place where shoes are placed. In order to be neat, it is best to have a shoe cabinet, and don't put shoes around. In addition, shoes should not be placed outside the door, which is easy to cause “ Evil ” Gas

the porch is a place where wind and gas are stored. You can place some plants, geomantic vessels, fish tanks, etc., which can play a role of wealth.  2. Study decoration or decoration

for people who often work and study at home, the study is a very important space. Many people have deep feelings that reading and writing in some places is particularly flexible, while others feel like sitting on pins and needles. This is the role of properly placed desks. The correct placement of desks can make people achieve the effect of improving their wisdom and quick thinking

first of all, your seat should be solid and empty. The back should be against the wall, and there should be no large space or doors and windows behind it, “ No backing behind ” It is a big taboo for work clusters and operators, and it is difficult to achieve career success. There should be space in front of the desk, because the former owner represents your career prospects, so the desk cannot stand against the wall. In addition, the desk should not be placed in the center of the study, which can easily make people fall into the situation of being helpless and helpless

3. Living room decoration or decoration

the living room is used to receive guests, chat or rest, so in residential Feng Shui, it will involve your career, finance and interpersonal relationships. Every living room has a unique financial position. It's easy to find a financial position in your living room. Standing at your eight door, facing your living room, is the corner on the diagonal. No sundries or furniture shall be stacked in the financial position. But you can “ Sit ”, It's good for your fortune to put a sofa where people often sit. Or money can put a pot of plants, to ensure that it grows well, if the leaves are orange, take them away as soon as possible. Wealth can also be placed in fish tanks, money storage tanks, fortune cats, fortune pigs (it is sure that it does not conflict with your zodiac), which will have a good luck for the owner's wealth and career

don't have too many articles in the living room, and sundries should not be stacked in the living room, otherwise it will affect the owner's fortune. The sofa in the living room should not be too large. In order to show luxury, some families bought a group of oversized sofas, which occupied half of the living room, and the living room seemed very crowded. We know that the room space is full of gas and wealth. If it is too crowded, it is not conducive to air circulation. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is also bad for the owner's wealth

the sofa should be placed against the wall, with an arm extending space on both sides. Some people like to put the sofa in the middle of the living room, with the aisle behind it. On the one hand, it is contrary to the traditional placement habits. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is easy to “ Lose money ”. The workaround is to put the cabinet or screen behind the sofa with “ Artificial backer ” To remedy it. But don't put the fish tank behind the sofa and make it with water “ Backer ” It is inappropriate and will affect the stability of housing and transportation

4. Bathroom decoration

the bathroom is the place in the room that is most prone to generate pollution, so keep it clean. Fish tanks and plants should not be placed in toilets. From the perspective of safety, the floor of the toilet is wet and slippery, which is prone to danger. From the perspective of Feng Shui, all living objects will cause the turbidity in the bathroom. If it is to meet the visual needs, then you can choose some landscape tiles as decoration. (guidaye Feng Shui

how to decorate an old house

before redecorating, please ask a feng shui master to investigate the layout, which is also one of the safeguard measures of Ping'an Geely

what wanghaohua would like to emphasize here is that the decoration should be complete, not only local changes. Home feng shui stresses a sense of integrity, and local changes will affect the overall aura

new layout often occurs in the home because of changes in family members. For example, if you want to get married, the house where you used to live alone should be a new house; Having a baby, the original study may have to be changed into a children's room; Some friends have changed the original double guards for other purposes& hellip;& hellip; Wait, these situations mean a new beginning, as the saying goes “ A good beginning is half the success ”, Therefore, it is very necessary to ask experts to do some conditioning in combination with their respective fates

as the house is decorated for a long time, the decorative materials and styles will feel outdated; Families with children will have children's graffiti on the walls and floors due to their naughty children; Some children are getting married and need a new house; Others want to change the use of the room, such as changing the children's room into a study and the bathroom into a storage room& hellip;& hellip; Wait, in these cases, it is necessary to redecorate the house

how to decorate the old house

1. The peeling of doors and windows should be redone

many second-hand houses have a history of leasing, and replacing the door lock is the basis for ensuring safety. Attention should also be paid to check whether each door is aging. If the material is solid, it can be repainted. If the paint film on the surface of the steel door falls off, the main body is rusted or cracked, it is not safe, and it is difficult to restore the original state. It is recommended to remove it and redo it. If the wooden doors and windows are skinned and deformed, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed, and they must be replaced

2. Closed water test cannot save

the waterproof layer of the toilet and kitchen of the old house is in disrepair for a long time, and the anti leakage effect is greatly reduced. Therefore, these two rooms must be tested in closed water. The method is: plug the floor drain, put 5cm deep water in the bathroom, observe for 24 hours, and check at the downstairs neighbor's house. If there is a problem, it needs to be waterproof again. After the ground is completely dry, lay tiles and carry out overall decoration. When changing the squatting stool to sitting stool in the toilet, the water proofing of the lower nozzle of the toilet should be handled well. In addition, when designing and decorating the top of the toilet, attention should be paid to convenient disassembly and assembly, which is conducive to future inspection and maintenance

3. There should be three sockets in one room

the reserved switches and sockets in old houses are generally not enough. According to relevant national standards, at least 3 sockets should be installed in a room. When decorating, it is best to use copper wires, which have better conductivity and higher safety. If it is found that the original line uses aluminum wires, it should be replaced with copper wires with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2. For the lines installing high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, a line with a cross-section of 4 square millimeters shall be set separately, and PVC insulated protective conduit shall be used

4. PE pipes should be used for pipes

the original waterway pipelines of second-hand houses are often unreasonable in layout, or have corrosion and aging phenomena. During the transformation, all pipelines should be replaced with new plastic pipes such as PP-R and PE, or high-grade stainless steel pipes and copper pipes. When installing water pipes, more pipe clips should be added to ensure the long-term stability of the pipeline; Try not to bury the water pipe under the ground to prevent water from escaping

5. Reconstruction of gas pipelines

for the reconstruction of gas pipelines, we must find the professionals of the gas company and do not change them without authorization. At the same time, do not wrap the gas pipeline and valve for the sake of beauty, otherwise it is easy to ignore the gas leakage and cause danger

6. Be careful when demolishing the old

some old houses have thin walls and floors, especially the old houses with brick structure, most of which use lime mortar and less cement, especially the porous brick walls, which are more “ Crisp ”, We must be cautious

7. Shovel machete ash can't steal work

machete ash is a wall treatment process. Most of the old houses that have not been redecorated still retain this kind of wall treatment. And some of this layer of machete ash has been separated from the wall. Many owners of second-hand houses are not clear about this old treatment process. Some decoration teams steal work and only scrape off the coating on the surface of the wall without shoveling off this layer of machete ash. If this layer of machete ash doesn't shovel off, it may fall off one day





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