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For beauty lovers, there must be a dressing table in the bedroom. How high can we make our dressing more convenient? What skills do we have when choosing a dressing table? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the height of the dressing table and how to choose it

I. height of dressing table

1. Because everyone's height is different, the requirements for the height of dressing table are also different. Some people choose dressing table according to their bedroom. Generally, the height of the dressing table in the master bedroom is about 1500mm, and its width is about 700mm-1200mm. The dressing tables in other rooms are mainly selected according to the different conditions of users. For example, children can choose the dressing table with a small size of 400mm*800mm*700mm, such as the dressing table with a medium size of 400mm*1000mm*700mm and a large size of 400mm*1300mm*700mm, which can be selected according to the actual conditions of users

2. There are also differences in the height of dressers due to their different styles. Generally, there are two kinds of dressers. One is the dresser with a large area of mirrors. Most of the figures of users can be shown in the dressers, and it can also make the interior look more spacious. The height of this style of dressing table is about 450mm-600mm

3. The most common style of dressing table is that the user can put his legs under the table, so that the user can see more clearly when dressing, which is convenient for the user to take care of his makeup. If not in use, he can also put the dressing stool under the table, which saves space. The height of this style of dressing table is about 700-740mm

second, how to choose the dressing table

1. Style

when we choose the dressing table, we can choose according to the indoor style. Of course, the style of the dressing table also depends on the preferences of users

2. Quality of the dressing table

no matter what product you buy, you can't ignore its quality. Generally, the dressing table is made of man-made board. When you buy it, you can check the quality certificate of the product, carefully observe whether there are defects in the appearance of the dressing table, and smell whether there is a pungent smell near the dressing table

3. Size

when we choose the dressing table, we should also pay attention to the table size of the dressing table. Generally, girls have many bottles and cans of cosmetics. It is best to choose a dressing table with a larger table size. If the table size of the dressing table is too large and takes up space, we can also choose a dressing table with powerful functions

4. Dressing mirror

for dressing mirror, we'd better choose the mirror with folded surface design, which can make us clearly see all angles of our face. When we make up, we are also easy to find problems there

summary of the editor: This is about the height of the dresser and how to choose the dresser editor. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help




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