In hot summer, if the air conditioner is installed

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In this hot summer, there is no cloud in the sky, and pedestrians on the street wet their temples against the scorching sun; There was no breeze, and the branches and leaves on the roadside trees drooped lazily, making everything look so listless

Suifu windows and doors feel that in this weather, people hiding at home turn on the fan, and even the wind is hot; Turning on the air conditioner is a good way to make the whole room full of coolness. However, after a summer, sometimes I don't feel very cool, but the electricity bill is still rising. The thermal insulation performance of general doors and windows is not very good. Suifu doors and windows thought of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows at this time

heat insulation strips are inserted into the middle of the aluminum profile of the heat insulation bridge breaking aluminum doors and windows according to certain technology, so as to separate the aluminum profile to form a bridge breaking, which can effectively prevent heat transfer

bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows adopt hollow glass design. Its reasonable spacer thickness can greatly reduce the radiative transmission of energy and the convection of gas, so as to reduce the loss of energy

the bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows with built-in louvers in the insulating glass block the external line of sight and control the light by changing the angle of the louvers. Good spacing design can improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows and weaken ultraviolet rays at the same time

install sealing strips on the frames and leaves of bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, which can play the role of waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration. In summer, it can well isolate the heat from the outside

there is a kind of coated glass, which has good thermal insulation performance, can effectively control solar radiation, reflect some infrared rays and weaken ultraviolet rays. It is generally used in windows

the sun is blazing outdoors. Some people not only have air conditioners at home, but also have broken bridge aluminum doors and windows; It's very pleasant to have a cool summer while saving electricity. Choose bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, please find Suifu doors and windows 。




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