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Strong participation in international printing industry competition Australian biscuits are packaged in Suzhou chinanews Suzhou, August 13 (Reuters): the product packaging we now print and produce mainly serves the world's top 500 enterprises, and our competitors also come from the global market. Recently, we just won the biscuit packaging order from nabesk to the Australian market. Huangguoping, chairman and general manager of Suzhou general printing factory, outlined the development reality of Suzhou printing industry towards the international market. According to the Suzhou publishing department, last year, the output value of the printing industry in Suzhou reached 21.2 billion yuan, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the output value of the printing industry in the province. While becoming the core area of the printing industry base in the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou's printing industry is increasingly participating in international competition

it is understood that there are more than 3000 printing enterprises of various types in Suzhou at present, showing the characteristics that backbone enterprises continue to strengthen equipment leading industries and export processing trade continues to expand. At present, a large number of high-tech printing equipment have settled in Suzhou. When exploring the alleged new development path of plastic granulator technology in Suzhou Dongyi Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., we learned that the Manroland r900xl super large format 4-color full UV offset printing machine introduced by the company has filled the gap in Asia. In addition, the HP saiangel Kejie hpsci texfb6700 color digital printing machine purchased by the company can undertake large format printing of a variety of materials, which is the first in China. The 3D three-dimensional advertisements we print can produce more visual effects. The large-scale posters printed by offset printing have fine image quality and can stand a close experience. More importantly, through overall printing, we can control the production cost of 3D three-dimensional advertising at 100 yuan per square meter, which is only 10% of that of similar foreign products. Cailonglong, the chairman of the board, told us that although the large-scale commercial advertisements and art paintings with special visual effects printed by the new equipment are only pilot products, they have won the printing award in the United States, and one container of products has just been sold to the United States

some experts estimate that the output value of packaging and printing accounts for 5% and 7% of the total output value of traditional industries and emerging industries respectively, and there is a great demand for development. As the largest comprehensive printing enterprise in Suzhou, Suzhou Printing General Factory Co., Ltd. has made a reputation in packaging and decoration printing for foreign trade export. At present, in terms of packaging products, the company's partners include world-famous food, drug and cosmetics enterprises such as L'Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, dove and nabisc. In terms of product manual printing, the company has also formed a stable cooperative relationship with famous electronic product manufacturers such as bensoni, Panasonic and JVC, whose products do not contain impurities that promote the accelerated decomposition of resin. Suzhou's printing products have actually participated in the international competition. Huangguoping told that many orders of Suzhou general printing factory were completed through competitive bidding. In order to better serve customers, it is not only necessary to open branches and warehouses in other cities in China, but also in order to better contact the headquarters of multinational companies, it is urgent to introduce foreign language talents. A healthy market will ultimately benefit all upstream and downstream participants. (Yang Fan)

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