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So far, the most stable three charge anions are expected to show their talents in aluminum batteries and other fields. On the 20th, it was learned from Professor Wang Qian of the Department of physics of Peking University that the famous journal Applied Chemistry published an important paper in the form of a cover article with Wang Qian as the corresponding author and his doctoral student zhaotianshan as the first author: they found the most stable three charge anion structure so far by using a new method. According to the Journal of Applied Chemistry, this research will rank among the most important chemical research achievements, and will show infinite application potential in many fields such as batteries and air purification in the future

negative ions are important components of ionic compounds, which can combine with positive ions to form crystals; It is also stable in solution, but it is difficult to maintain stability in gas phase environment. For example, in a three charge negative ion, there are three more negatively charged electrons than positively charged protons. This imbalance in the number makes it very unstable. Under gaseous conditions, the excess electrons are prone to electrostatic repulsion with other electrons

in the new research, Wang Qian led the team to create a new computer model by using the statistical principle of quantum mechanics, and proved that the three charged negative ions composed of boron and beryllium can remain stable under the impact of 2.65 electron volts. Wang Qian said that they have combined the eight electron rule with the electronic counting rule of borane structure and other chemical principles, providing a new idea for designing other three charged negative ions to reach a new height in the study of material properties


three charge anions will" show their strength "in many industrial fields. At present, the most promising is to use it to develop aluminum ion battery, which combines aluminum with three charged negative ions. These negative ions can move between electrodes to charge the battery. Aluminum batteries have more advantages than existing lithium batteries. For example, aluminum is more abundant in nature than lithium, and the cost will be lower; Td5%>500 ℃ aluminum has lower chemical activity and can be recharged more times

in addition, these anions can also be used to synthesize various salt compounds; Used to produce floor cleaner and strong oxidant for sterilization; It can improve people's mood like the antidepressant Prozac; It can even be used in the air purification industry with a market value of billions of dollars

general circle of science and technology

every once in a while, the latest progress of aluminum ion batteries will appear, either the charging and discharging times will reach a new high, or new materials will be found, or the safety performance of electrolyte will be improved... But all the progress is at the laboratory level. Whether it's a gimmick or a trend, people are most concerned about when they can buy a real guy who claims that "the knowledge of aluminum battery Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. on the experimental machine is very accurate, charging for 1 minute = lithium battery charging for 1 hour". There is a long way to go. Scientists still need to refuel for the future on the road of technology commercialization

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