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The considerate service has made aofax digital fax machine users worry free from now on the ctiforum on September 24 (Jia'er): the management of Jinheng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the leader of domestic digital fax, realized from the very beginning that high-quality service and product quality are crucial to improving product sales. When the sales of aofax digital fax and fax server products reached a new high, the high-quality service system created by Jinheng technology gave enterprises peace of mind

digital fax machine is also called electronic fax machine, network fax machine, paperless fax machine, computer fax machine, fax software, fax system, fax server, etc. on some occasions. Its core idea is to use advanced digital chips and network technology to make fax sending and receiving paperless, computerized and intelligent, so as to adapt to the development of society. As a pioneer in the industry, it is an important subject for Jinheng to explore the development of science and technology to make customers feel at ease in buying and using. Jinheng technology has realized from top to bottom that providing customers with high-quality services is not only the needs of users, but also the necessity for the growing Jinheng technology to reach a higher level

door to door demonstration and installation: after years of development, Jinheng technology has initially formed a relatively complete distribution network. In most parts of the country, just one customer service representative nearest you will provide you with a detailed introduction to the functions of the digital fax machine, product demonstrations, and the production of fax information solutions suitable for your enterprise

three-level after-sales service, networking and parallel: in view of the current situation that the post-80s and post-90s have gradually become the main body of the after-sales team, Jinheng technology has repeatedly carried out universal education activities starting from gratitude and humility, and improved the three-level service system of agent headquarters after-sales service headquarters R & D center. In order to improve the service quality, Jinheng technology has also specially invested in establishing a professional network customer service and customer service system

free software upgrade and trade in plan: the performance of aofax digital fax machine product series is constantly stable and its functions are increasingly strengthened. Users who have purchased it only need to log in to the official website of Jinheng technology. You can permanently enjoy the free software upgrade service; For users who have purchased aofax digital fax machines for more than 5 years, Jinheng technology has turned down the screws and implemented a series of plans to exchange the old for the new and make up the price difference for the purchase of advanced machines. So far, more than 5000 old users have received tangible benefits

free communication platform service: in order to conveniently realize free and roaming collection, which generally refers to the fax function composed of geological processes, it must be supported by a professional domain name resolution platform (such as peanut shells). This service requires monthly rent. For this reason, Jinheng technology has invested a huge amount of money to exclusively develop and deploy the aofax fax service platform to provide aofax digital fax machine users with exclusive, high-quality, 24-hour uninterrupted global domain name resolution services for free. People will certainly not feel strange. Users do not need any settings. They can easily and easily realize high-speed free fax with other aofax users, and realize roaming fax anytime, anywhere

establish a perfect user database: aofax digital fax machine implements one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service. Jinheng technology has made serious commitments to customers in terms of maintenance time limit, repair quality, logistics system, etc. Each digital fax machine is equipped with a unique serial number. Users can log in to the official station of Jinheng Technology () to query the relevant data of the machine. If the customer's fax machine is under repair, Jinheng technology has a special maintenance and logistics query system on the customer service page of the official station. 4. Regularly check each click, circuit board and electrical appliance for overheating and abnormal noise. The customer can track the latest situation of the maintenance machine in real time

using aofax digital fax machine can not only save manpower, but also improve efficiency, and make a contribution to the protection of our common home earth

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