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The most beautiful "concentric circle" high-quality party building leads the development release date: Source: Jiaxing

last year, as soon as the employees of Liangyou wood industry returned from all over the country arrived at the enterprise, they received the new year benefits prepared by the company for the employees' families - a gift for potential customers in freight, logistics, urban environmental protection and other industries to prepare the best lightweight solutions for energy conservation and emission reduction. With the invoice, receipt or shopping receipt signed by parents and elders, the enterprise can receive a spring festival filial gift after examination and approval. Such a mechanism to encourage employees and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation has become the norm in Liangyou wood industry

the development of an enterprise depends on people. One of the important values of Liangyou wood is that "employees are the most precious wealth of the company". Adhering to this concept, Liangyou wood industry has always been guided by the party building, led by the party building and promoted by the party building. It has given play to the exemplary vanguard role of the pilot members of the party in launching recycling, stimulated the initiative of employees, and used the most beautiful "concentric circle" to unite forces, improve the spirit of the enterprise and promote high-quality development

last year, the majority of Party members of Liangyou wood industry put the general requirements of "keeping the original intention, undertaking the mission, finding gaps and grasping implementation" into the whole process of the theme education of "never forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind", strengthened learning through the platform of learning to strengthen the country, inherited the red cause through the red journey to the revolutionary holy land, and conveyed warmth through volunteer activities, Turn the enthusiasm and energy aroused by the "theme education" into a powerful driving force to promote the high-quality development of enterprises

the "1+1" mutual aid fund system, which covers all employees, has been upgraded. Liangyou "1+1" mutual aid fund is a certain amount of mutual aid fund that employees voluntarily pledge every month. The enterprise matches the total amount pledged by employees by 1:1, forming a long-term mutual aid mechanism. For example, if an employee who pledges 20 yuan a month has his or her immediate family members hospitalized for more than 3 days, his or her relatives can receive 1000 consolation funds. Last year, the system jointly initiated by the Party branch and the trade union of the enterprise was upgraded after entering its seventh year. It not only expands the application scope of mutual aid funds, but also increases the number of times that the pledging employees can receive mutual aid funds each year, enhancing the sense of belonging of the enterprise

buy tickets for employees at the end of each year; Every year, professional organizations are invited to organize "little migratory birds" summer camp for the children of foreign employees. Last year, the eighth "little migratory birds" summer camp also took the children of employees out of the factory to study and visit Dahua packaging micro fire station; The annual commendation of outstanding employees, advanced collectives and employees with outstanding contributions has also formed a long-term mechanism

last year, the enterprise specially went to the famous catering enterprise in Jiaxing to "learn from the experience" and creatively changed the cafeteria of the canteen into a self selected restaurant. The original buffet of 10 meals has been changed into a 50 yuan vegetable dish, a half meat dish and three large meat dishes... The more humanized dining method has been welcomed by the majority of employees. In the first month of operation alone, the number of diners in the enterprise has increased by more than 10000

every considerate measure makes employees feel not only a simple care, but also a tribute and gratitude to employees for their hard work over the years. The number of days with good air quality in the enterprise reaches 80%, which makes the employees of Liangyou wood industry devote themselves to their work more wholeheartedly. No matter the managers, middle-level cadres or front-line employees, they work together to form an upward centripetal force and improve the spirit of the enterprise

in Liangyou wood industry, every employee is a R & D personnel. They use technology and experience to continuously carry out technological transformation and innovation, continuously improve product quality and take the lead in development. The semi-automatic hand scrapers independently designed and produced by the antique workshop workers have saved more than 50% of the labor cost for the enterprise and increased the output by 30%. More than 40 semi-automatic hand scrapers have been put into production. In 2019, the antique workshop of Zhejiang Liangyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. won the National worker pioneer. The annual employee rework rate of the enterprise also reached nearly 10. The electro-hydraulic servo spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used for the fatigue test of dynamic and static mechanical properties of materials and parts

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