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Reliable braking fast hydraulic retarder silk road exhibition style

reliable braking fast hydraulic retarder silk road exhibition style

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the west of Gansu Hexi Corridor, known as "the desert is lonely and straight, and the long river falls into the yen", is an important pass on the ancient Silk Road. Dangjinshan road section of national highway 215 across the region has been listed as one of the top ten dangerous sections in China due to its steep slopes, sharp bends and dangerous roads. Many users have been terrified for a long time. Since this year, the fast hydraulic retarder has been put into operation in this area. Among them, the professional transport dump truck used by the largest local dangjinshan limestone mine with high friction has been equipped with fast hydraulic retarder and 10 gear large center distance transmission. From then on, the "man eating" section is no longer terrible and has won the unanimous praise of the majority of users

Faust hydraulic retarder silk road exhibition style

"since the beginning of this year, more than a dozen Shaan Qiguo four heavy trucks equipped with Faust parallel retarder have been put into limestone mines, and users have always had a good response in use. In view of this, we recently requested to import more than a dozen diesel dump trucks equipped with Faust parallel retarder." Zhanjifei, technical director of Dunhuang Huantong Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., believes that the dump truck equipped with retarder has been further recognized by the market rapidly, mainly due to the users' high pursuit of the safety performance of heavy trucks and their high trust in the reliable braking performance of fast retarder

in March this year, Zhan Jifei followed six Kazak users in Aksai to participate in the field test of the fast parallel hydraulic retarder in Dangjin mountain, Dunhuang. On the premise of not using the brake, it completely relies on the parallel hydraulic retarder for braking, and has completed the field road condition test of the vehicle with a heavy load of 74 tons, a maximum gradient of 8% and a long distance of 41 km, which not only fully meets the special requirements of users, but also the performance indicators are far higher than the national standard of "the whole vehicle runs at a speed of 30 km/h with a design load and a gradient of 6%, and drives for 6 km or 12 minutes with independent braking". "Fast hydraulic retarder is absolutely the patron saint of the safe operation of heavy trucks"! Zhan Jifei was still excited when he mentioned the field test that was quite surprising at that time

the person in charge of Dunhuang Kunlun Industrial Company was also full of trust when talking about the fast hydraulic retarder. "Fast retarder is the most reliable, which not only relieves the worries of our operation, but also an important magic weapon for our competitive market."

it is reported that when Jinshan limestone mine is located at the junction of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, the ore mining and transportation has been monopolized for a long time, and the competition is very fierce. At the beginning of this year, the company took the lead in adopting the shaanqiguo four heavy truck equipped with fast hydraulic retarder and 10 gear large center distance transmission, which completely broke this competition pattern. At present, the mining area uses all the dump trucks purchased by the company. The reason for its development of key monomers, special additives, complete sets of Engineering Technology for the preparation of environmentally friendly high-performance resins, environmentally friendly high-performance surface materials and utilization solutions is that, After equipped with the hydraulic retarder for the automatic reduction of afterburner speed of the fasttest machine, the brake braking is changed into the retarder braking, which saves the spraying process, greatly prolongs the service life of the main brake and tires, improves the braking effect and vehicle ride comfort, reduces the fuel consumption and maintenance cost, and has obvious competitive advantages

with its excellent quality and good reputation, the competitive strength and market radiation power of fastex hydraulic retarder products on the silk road have become increasingly prominent, especially praised by users with special working conditions and road conditions. Its safe and effective braking performance and economy have been highly praised by users for the leveling of the main engine with a frame level ruler in the two directions perpendicular to each other in the outer ring of the working oil cylinder, becoming more and more domestic customers with efficient braking Preferred "insurance" for safe operation

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