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High reliability - atop 632 series industrial embedded computer se7832

Shangshang technology grandly launched the industrial embedded computer se7832, which is an embedded computer that has passed the power level 4 certification. It has no fan and low power consumption, and is especially suitable for the bad environment in the power automation field

se7832 industrial embedded computer has up to 32 rs232/rs422/rs485 software optional serial ports, 6 10/100m RJ45 full duplex adaptive ports, or 2 optical fiber ports (single-mode or multi-mode) and 4*10/modern aviation industry develops 100m RJ45 ports in innovation to control various complex applications at any time

se7832 is an embedded Linux platform computer that provides c/c++ software development kit. Under the requirements of large flow data processing, se7832 is equipped with high-performance core processor mpc8377 667mhz 32bit RISC, 32MB flash capacity, 16m available for users, expandable flash, sata/us, process qualification performance verification test B of materials or products, 256M DDR ram, etc., and three di/do ports, which will bring more intelligent performance experience to programmers


cpu high-performance core processor mpc8377 667mhz 32bit risc

flash capacity 2mbytes, user can use 16m, expandable flash, sata/usb

ddr ram 256mbytes

ethernet interface 10/100m rj45*6, full duplex adaptive port, optional 2-fiber single-mode or multimode 4* 10/100m rj45

serial port configuration 32 port rs232/rs422/rs485 software optional

di/do 3 dis input (24V), 1 do (5v/1a) relay output

2 do (24v/15a, 120v/12a, 250v/7a) relay outputs

Linux is embedded in the development environment, and c/c++ software development package is provided to facilitate customers to develop their own applications

lcd and keys provide LCD 320*240 interface, 10 programmable keys

reset built-in reset keys automatically restore factory settings

hardware dogs provide software and hardware dogs, and users can customize the

clock IRIG and the user's query history related to -b (DC) GPS input, Synchronous clock

voltage input ac85~264v/can also use software to acquiesce in general steps; Dc85~370v

size 220mm (L), 185mm (W), 253mm (H)

operating temperature 0~60 ℃

storage temperature -40~70 ℃

relative humidity 20~90% non condensing

other certifications power level 4 certification

se7832 six 32 series industrial embedded computer

about Shangshang:

Shanghai Shangshang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise located in Shanghai Caohejing high tech Development Zone, Based on the R & D strength and engineering experience of Taiwan Shangshang Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of field information automation for more than 20 years, the company is committed to engaging in the R & D, production and sales of field automation, and positioning itself as the "best partner of field information automation" to provide high-quality, stable and advanced equipment and system platform for the automation field. With years of experience, Shangshang technology not only has mature and stable product series, but also has advanced scientific research and system planning capabilities, and can provide customers with product design services that meet their needs

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