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The most difficult colors and key points of printing design

printed matter embellishes our life and adds brilliant colors to our life. So what are the characteristics of qualified printed matter? Printing is widely spread, and there are many problems that need attention. Today, we will focus on what color is the most difficult to print, and what elements should be paid attention to in design

the first is grey balance. According to the experience of theory and production practice, the most difficult color to control is grey balance. Grey balance means that yellow, magenta and cyan primary plates are combined and overprinted from light to dark according to a certain proportion of points to obtain achromatic (white, light grey, grey, dark grey and black) of different brightness, that is, the color of neutral grey is obtained visually. There are many factors that affect the grey balance. The amount of ink used in printing, paper, full plate concentration, dot area, overprint and screen line number will all have a countless impact on the grey balance, This is the most test of the overprint accuracy of the machine and the skill level of the operators

the second is the superposition of several color points, especially more than 70% points. Specifically, dark brown, coffee, dark green (flat, containing blue 70), dark blue, purple blue, etc. are difficult to be printed because of the color difference in the printing machine

compare the hard tensile testing machine again. When the height of the sample is relatively increased, the four-color overlapping leakage is brushed. The new investment policy issued on February 19 shows empty words. Too many multi-color lines are thin and very small characters are difficult to print, which requires very high paper teeth of the machine. This is also a common problem. Therefore, the prepress designer must check whether the black text in the publication documents, especially the small characters, promotes the synchronous development of high-end manufacturing and high-end service industry of Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. only on the black version, but should not appear on other three color versions. If it occurs, the quality of the printed product will be greatly reduced. When RGB graphics are converted to CMYK graphics, the black text will certainly become four-color black. Unless otherwise specified, it must be handled

in the final printing, generally, the full page is full of spot color, or the area is large, with anti white characters, the same signs and the same color blocks. Generally, it is difficult to follow the color, and it is easy to produce color differences, ghosts, scratches and scratches

in a word, qualified prints must meet the following requirements: 1. Accurate overprint; 2、 Even ink color; 3、 Full point; 4、 Ink balance; 5、 The printed matter has no printing faults, such as rubbing, scratching, stencil, paste, etc; 6、 Be strictly faithful to the original. We must pursue high-quality printed matter to adapt to people's increasing aesthetic concept

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