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Midea call center's peak season mobilization meeting - gather together to meet the peak season. The summer that is quietly approaching is not only the hot weather, but also the peak season of Midea call center. The high temperature in recent days has led to a sharp increase in the installation, maintenance and consultation of air conditioners, which has doubled the call center traffic. In order to provide users with the fastest response, the most intimate experience and the most satisfactory service, Midea held a grand mobilization meeting in the peak season of Midea call center in Shunde and Hefei call center on the afternoon of June 5 and 6, respectively

Shunde Branch

in order to successfully complete the work in the peak season, the company has developed a series of security plans and incentive measures, and established a strong business support team. Through the explanation of Shunde 400 operation director and Hefei Dadong operation director, we are full of confidence in this year's security plan and full of fighting spirit for this year's peak traffic season

last year, the maximum daily traffic of the call center exceeded 210000, and a number of excellent customer service representatives emerged. Their daily call volume is up to more than 400, and the hourly call volume is up to more than 20 if the sling test sample is within 1500 mm. In order to reduce the waiting time of users, they dare not drink another glass of water. Seeing their outstanding performance last year, there were cheers and admiration at the scene

at your gracious invitation, some top telephone operators came to the stage to share their work experience in peak seasons. They said: we need to treat the peak season as a war, and we need to work out a higher standard. Why are plastic bags rarely recycled? " Zhai Guangjing believes that the goal is to fight for personal honor and team honor with fuller enthusiasm and burst out his own strength

under the guidance of the number one telephone operator, the scene shouted again and again that we are ready We are the best, come on, come on, come on

at last, the on-site mobilization of the chief commissioners of each sub field pushed the mobilization meeting of the whole peak season to a climax

5 Shunde special session Commissioner linhuanying gave a mobilization speech for the peak season. It affirms your efforts in the peak season last year. She said that as a national service platform, Midea call center is the maintainer of brand reputation, the operator of customer satisfaction, and the supervisor of service standardization. We need to make the best of our service

6 Hefei special session, director Chen Liang gave a mobilization speech for the peak season. He said we need to work together to challenge the peak season. Under the pressure of peak traffic, we need to maintain the service quality and improve service efficiency at the same time. And remind everyone that the peak season is a protracted war, and we need to pay attention to the combination of work and rest

the peak season mobilization meeting has come to an end. Finally, all of us stood up and the Department Chief Commissioner led us to read out the service culture of Midea call center. The faces of everyone at the scene were full of fortitude, and their eyes showed incomparable firmness

providing quality service is the sacred mission of customer service personnel. The peak season is coming soon, and we have made preparations for the whole process without grading, just like an arrow in the wind; We are full of positive energy and ready to go. I believe this season, victory belongs to us! The rated flow of the oil source can be reduced to the maximum flow! Reduce energy consumption

the annual peak season is coming again. At this moment, we are not only for ourselves, but also for the class; It is also to provide high-quality services, so that users can enjoy services faster and better

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