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hongshanshu liquor is a high-grade classic Baijiu jointly created by Xuzhou cigarette factory and Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd, Along the Chinese folk The traditional culture of "no separation between tobacco and wine" is positioned at the top of high-end government affairs and business affairs. The display is displacement display and gift wine. After the crystal packaging, in August 2005, Sequoia successfully developed two products: @8. Whether each speed is running evenly; @9. Whether each speed is running normally; and the combination of grand scenery and grand event blessing. The overall packaging is dignified, elegant and refined, conveying the spirit of Wuliangye and learning from nature Beyond the infinite brand connotation of Sequoia, it represents taste, achievement and a power of transcendence

Sequoia is a precious tree species in the United States, with high metal mechanical properties of 112 meters and a service life of more than 2200 years. It is famous in the world for its unique and spectacular tree shape and excellent wood. When Nixon visited China in February, 1972, he gave it to China and planted it on the Bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou, recording China's strength, achievements and a Chinese power that transcended and rose. The Sequoia crystal package was made by Wan Yu, a famous Chinese wine packaging creative master. Wanyu believes that the brand spirit of Sequoia is completely consistent with that of Wuliangye. The tree shaped brand logo with gold on the red background is extracted, which not only symbolizes the creation of Wuliangye Wuliangye, constantly surpasses itself, pursues the times, but also reflects that Sequoia is deep-rooted and leafy, and achieves the future. At the same time, the unique bottle shape further strengthens the brand connotation

in terms of consumer demand, the design of sequoia tree handbag and Shengshi Fujing single gift pack are very selling points. In addition to the magnificent Chinese red and the application of advanced technology, the design of "one bottle (box) of wine + two cigarettes" truly realizes the folk traditional culture of "no separation between tobacco and wine", which can be described as a powerful weapon for the sequoia tree to occupy the gift market. Such attention to the design of wine packaging details is very worthy of reference for other enterprises. Only by truly starting from the market, understanding consumers' psychology and meeting consumers' needs can packaging have market potential and be the primary purpose of design

source: sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly

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