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Organosilicon modified waterborne polyurethane composites and their applications

belong to the technical field of water-based coating preparation, which specifically relates to organosilicon modified waterborne polyurethane composites and their applications. The organosilicon modified waterborne polyurethane composite of the invention first prepares trapezoidal polysilsesquioxane containing amino group; Then it reacts with hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer whose end group is -nco to form a hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer that promotes green transformation; Strengthen the silicon modified waterborne polyurethane prepolymer of waste plastic machine, and finally add alkaline neutralizer and distilled water, stir and disperse. The invention is characterized in that the amino group of the trapezoidal polysilsesquioxane containing amino group can react with the hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer whose end group is NCO. In order to ensure the NCO reaction of the linear polyurethane prepolymer at different linear speeds, the prepolymer chain is expanded, and the crosslinking reaction occurs, and the water resistance of the prepared composite is greatly improved. At the same time, due to the introduction of trapezoidal polysilsesquioxane, the hardness and heat resistance of polyurethane have also been significantly improved. The composite material of the invention can be used as the surface coating material of wood, paper, etc., or as the finishing agent of fabric and leather, etc

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