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Filament weaving industry strives to promote green and intelligent manufacturing

compared with other spraying methods

recently, the Third Council of the second session of China filament weaving Association and the promotion of cleaner production technology for chemical fiber weaving with the theme of "intelligent weaving and cleaner production" were held in Shengze, Jiangsu Province. The conference was hosted by China filament weaving Association

Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Association from coating raw materials and adhesives to car body Textile Industry Federation and President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, the pendulum film impact tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly suitable for measuring the impact toughness of plastic, rubber and other film materials and metal foil materials. He made a report entitled "high quality development and scientific and technological innovation of China's textile industry". He pointed out that in the past five years, China's textile industry has developed steadily and has always been an important force in China's economy. The total textile fiber processing volume in China increased from 45.3 million tons in 2012 to 54.2 million tons in 2016, accounting for 53.47% of the global total from 53.41% in 2012

Li Lingshen analyzed and summarized the development status of China's textile industry. He pointed out that at present, China has achieved major breakthroughs in fiber new material technology, textile processing technology has been continuously improved, new achievements have been made in printing and dyeing energy conservation and emission reduction and resource recycling, the rapid development of industrial textiles has expanded the extension of textiles, textile equipment technology and manufacturing level have been significantly improved, great progress has been made in the construction of technological innovation capacity, and the textile standard system has been improved. 4. Maximum overall size: 905 × five hundred and ten × 870mm step perfect

he also pointed out that there are still great challenges in the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The supply side and structural problems accumulated in the early development of the industry are becoming increasingly prominent; The comprehensive cost advantage is gradually weakening, under the dual pressure from developed and developing countries; The contradiction between overcapacity and effective demand in some areas is more prominent, and the phenomenon of product homogenization is serious; The pressure of national environmental protection control and environmental resource constraints faced by the development of the industry is gradually increasing; The contradiction between innovative development and path dependence is relatively serious, the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements is low, and the innovation cost is high; The trade environment is becoming more and more complex, the influencing factors of sustainable development are increasing, and the uncertainty is increasing. The next development focus of the industry will be on new fiber materials, high-tech textiles, high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing

in view of the innovation drive and transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, Cao Tingrui, director of the textile division of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, put forward five suggestions: find gaps, abandon the old development mode and way of thinking, adhere to the innovation drive, strengthen scientific and technological research and development, and form their own core competitiveness; Strengthen the foundation, formulate and release industry plans, standards and industrial policies. Made in China 2025 points out the direction and path for the future development of the manufacturing industry, and intelligent manufacturing is the main direction; Make up for weaknesses, according to the objective reality that the textile industry is large but not strong, carry out work purposefully for the lack of innovation ability, insufficient brand influence and bottlenecks and weak links that restrict the development of the textile industry; Promote innovation, promote the textile industry to move towards the high end of the industrial value chain, and take technological innovation as the guide to achieve comprehensive innovation in design, production, management, sales and business models; Establish examples, use pilot demonstration methods to lead the high-quality development of the industry and strengthen the dominant position of enterprises

wangjiayi, President of China filament weaving Association, said that in 2017, the output of the industry increased steadily, and the overall situation of production and sales was prosperous. According to the association's tracking statistics on the output of chemical fiber filament fabrics in Shengze, Changxing, Xiuzhou, Longhu, Siyang, Pingwang and Keqiao, combined with the new capacity of Northern Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi, the total output of chemical fiber filament fabrics in China in 2017 was about 48.2 billion meters, an increase of 7.59% year-on-year

according to the statistics of China's customs, the export volume of China's textile fabrics in 2017 was 29.889 billion meters, with a year-on-year increase of 4.64%. Among them, the cumulative export of chemical fiber filament fabrics was 14.122 billion meters, with a year-on-year increase of 10.02%. The export volume of chemical fiber filament fabrics accounts for 47.25% of the total export volume of China's textile fabrics, accounting for an increase of 2.31 percentage points compared with 2016, and continues to maintain the position of the largest export fabric, with an export contribution rate of 96.96%

according to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2017, the accumulated business income of the owner of chemical fiber weaving and processing above Designated Size in China was 108.623 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 9.65%, and the growth rate increased by 5.78 percentage points compared with 2016; The total profit amounted to 5.175 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 23.13%, and the growth rate increased by 19.98 percentage points over 2016; The profit margin was 4.76%, an increase of 0.52 percentage points over 2016

wangjiayi said that in 2018, the association will establish a green production technology reserve pool around sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling and reuse, and promote it to enterprises and industrial clusters; Establish a team of experts to carry out guidance and acceptance work for enterprises, and strive to achieve 100% sewage treatment and 100% reclaimed water reuse in the whole industry within three years; Take the opportunity of industrial transfer to build a green filament weaving industrial park with high standardization; Continue to carry out a series of activities under the theme of "innovation driven, green development"; Carry out intelligent weaving demonstration project recommendation activities

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