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Silk Road, spring breeze, green golden city - Reza Lanzhou thank you meeting, hot signing

the silk road spring breeze green golden city - Reza Lanzhou thank you meeting is hot

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one season of snow and another winter. Before the first month is over, the spring breeze of Reza blows to the northwest and comes to Lanzhou, an important town on the silk road

there is not only the fragrance of beef noodles, but also the sweetness of melons and fruits. It is also a booming western important town. For more than 2000 years, it has been like clouds, but the city has always stood in the long river of history, glowing with a new look

on February 28, the "join hands with Reza to create the future" Reza heavy machinery Spring Festival appreciation meeting was held in Xigu Lanyuan Jianguo liquor. It often takes 10-30 minutes to take a sample to complete the store. Nearly 400 local colleagues participated in the event on that day. Guozhenhua, deputy general manager of domestic marketing company of BAIC Foton rexa Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Jin Junshan, chairman of Lanzhou concrete mortar industry association and other industry leaders attended the appreciation meeting

at the scene, the guests visited the Reza sample car with great interest and communicated with the customer service staff on the spot about the problems they were interested in. The scene was very hot

thanks to the kindness of local colleagues, although the cold winter has just passed, the development of Reza heavy machinery is booming, which is not only the continuous development and improvement of Reza people, but also the recognition and love of colleagues in the industry. Based on the concept of customer first, we actively absorb high-quality technology and add common sheet metal damage to Reza heavy machinery. In addition to the situation mentioned above, it also has taken off in the process of transportation

at the event site, Reza heavy machinery delivered 22 Reza mixer trucks and 1 56 meter pump truck ordered by Gansu haijianshang Concrete Co., Ltd., Baiyin Jianxing Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd. and Huining jinhongyuan building materials Co., Ltd., and issued a "key" symbolizing quality at the delivery ceremony. The joy of the customer was beyond expression. He took a group photo with many leaders on the stage to record a beautiful moment

under the influence of the warm atmosphere of vehicle delivery, on-site customers signed car purchase contracts one after another. Before the end of the activity, customers successfully booked 3 crane trucks and 5 mixer trucks

at the beginning of the dinner, many leaders came to the stage to toast and cheer for the newly delivered vehicles, hoping that their excellent performance in the project can create more value for customers; At the same time, nearly 400 people on the scene drank and talked together to plan for the development of 2019. Everyone on the scene hoped to contribute to the construction of the northwest of the motherland. Then, thanks to the raffle, once again pushed the atmosphere to a climax

in the past year, Reza has won praise from users with excellent technology and mature customer service team in the industry, showing strong vitality in the competition, and its gradually improved product line also occupies an important position in the market

the expectation of users is Reza's mission and commitment. In 2019, Reza is willing to continue to walk with you, overcome difficulties for a better future, and strive to provide professional products and effectiveness for industrial enterprises, scientific research units, revenue and expenditure testing departments, and elementary colleges, and embrace tomorrow with the spring breeze

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