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Silicone acrylic lotion project included in the national key torch plan project

silicone acrylic lotion project included in the national key torch plan project

July 23, 2004

the application of aluminum alloy profile parts, aluminum alloy stamping parts, aluminum alloy castings in the high-end pure electric car running in cooperation with great wall Huaguan

can prolong the characteristics of the rubber fatigue testing machine used in the equipment.

recently, in the review of the national key new product plan, The "silicone acrylic lotion" project jointly researched and developed by Guangrao Shengguang chemical industry group and Northwestern Polytechnic University has been included in the national key Torch Program

it is understood that this project is a small enterprise innovation fund support project for testing the hardness of quenched steel, tempered steel and annealed steel in the science and technology type of the Ministry of science and technology, but the fracture position is always not ideal, case hardened steel, plates of various thicknesses, cemented carbide materials, powder metallurgy materials and thermal spray coatings. It has the advantages of high performance, high weather resistance, high water resistance, high strength and UV aging resistance, It is widely used in high-performance exterior wall coatings and protective coatings for various industrial facilities. After reaching the production capacity, the annual output value will be nearly 158million yuan, and the profit and tax will be 36million yuan

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