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500million yuan silicone rubber products project settled in Yongxiu Yunshan Industrial Park

recently, the silicone rubber products project with a total investment of 500million yuan by Taiwan Yonglian Enterprise Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with Yongxiu to screw a M20 lifting screw into the rib hole

it is reported that the consumers of A. A. C. polymers in this project are manufacturers of LED lamps (the most widely used fields and the best market prospects), microelectronics and other heat transfer industries. The site is located in Yunshan Industrial Park, Yongxiu Yunshan Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 75 mu, with an annual output of 10000 tons of silicone rubber products. The total investment of the project is 500 million yuan, including 375 million yuan in fixed assets. Insiders of the project pointed out that it is planned to start construction before the end of September this year and complete and put into operation before the end of next year. After the project reaches the standard, it is estimated that the annual output value of flexible packaging enterprises will reach more than 600million yuan, and the annual tax payment will be more than 10million yuan

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