The hottest silk screen printing process II

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Screen printing process (II)

2 Jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle is a new method used in recent years. It is accurate and fast, and has been widely used

there are several ways to make up the picture set, which can be selected according to the conditions of each unit. They are described as follows:

① jigsaw puzzle with positioning bar. It is the most accurate and fastest way to make up with positioning strips and punch sets. The method is to first make a positive table paper in the opposite direction with a four opening (or opposite) polyester transparent sheet base according to the layout specified by the customer, and then punch with a positioning machine, put on a positioning strip, and fix the positive table paper. Take a piece of so film, punch holes and cover with positive table paper, copy out the negative table paper in the positive direction, and then make up

first consider before making up: if the original is a landscape picture, first make up and copy the Yang picture of the green version, which is more convenient for the next set of yellow, magenta and black versions. If the manuscript is restricted by the flow of oil source, first spell and copy the magenta version positive map. In short, according to the main tone of the original, decide which positive plate to copy first

take the scenic film as an example. First, spell out and copy a green version of the Yang map. After quick drying, put on the positioning strip and fix it. Then put the blue positive film face down on the plate viewing table, and then remove the blue negative from the paper plate on the so film table, and fit it with the regular line of Yang. Then paste the Yin of the second color one by one and copy the positive image. The third color and the fourth color are carried out in turn. The operation procedure is shown in the figure

② jigsaw puzzle without positioning bar. Since some units do not have positioning strips, punches and other equipment, they can also carry out jigsaw puzzles. The principle of making up without positioning bar is the same as that of making up with positioning bar

the jigsaw puzzle without positioning bar is to draw four large layout lines at the beginning of making the table paper in the opposite direction of the positive figure, and then copy a table paper in the positive direction of the negative figure, so as to align the cutting specification and size of each figure for jigsaw puzzle

still take the scenic film as an example: first spell the green version of the positive picture without copying, quickly dry the green version of the positive picture, then put it on the negative table paper, align it with the four gauge lines, and copy the yellow, magenta and black versions in sequence. The operation procedure is shown in the figure

③ jigsaw puzzle of positioning bar and regular line. The mosaic method of using positioning bars, regular lines and Yin images to cover Yin images is the most widely used, popular and best mosaic method at present. Because the electronic color separations now have regular lines, and are very fine and accurate, which is very suitable for this kind of jigsaw puzzle. The advantages of this method are: it can not only aim at the regular line, but also recheck the accuracy of the drawing set, making the accuracy of the composition more reliable. At the same time, after the four plates are assembled, they can be sent to the copy process together, creating convenient conditions for the next process

the procedures and methods of making up the set of positioning bars and regular lines are as follows:

a. draw a correct layout specification table paper first

b. put this table paper upside down and stack it with four (opposite) transparent polyester sheets for positioning and punching. Then fix it on the locating pin

c. paste the pre-made male cross and corner lines respectively according to the required position of the layout table paper. Then cut the light tight red paper into the size of each picture, paste it according to the position of the layout picture, and make a positive picture reverse stage paper version

for example, the experimental machine produced by assaying group and Jinan assaying D. use Lisi film or so film to copy a negative image to the front desk paper plate as the "cover plate", and the four color plates are used uniformly

e. cut four transparent polyester sheets with four openings (or opposite openings), drill holes, take one of them and put it on the "cover plate" and fix it with locating pins

f. first use the green version negative with complete layout, and paste it one by one according to the layout composition and cutting proportion (the film should be positive facing up). When collaging, we should first compare the small photos on the layout to avoid spelling the image upside down, which is also affected by the booming development of China's automobile industry and tire industry in recent years

g. after the green version is assembled, remove the "cover plate", use the green version as the standard master, and then overlay the second white film base with the green version and fix it on the locating pin. Cover the negative image of the second color with a metal separator, which has a certain limit on the conveying speed of the detected objects, and then close it on the green image, and then align it with the regular line for collage

h. the third color and the fourth color are carried out according to this. After the complete set of four-color plates is assembled, they will be sent to the next process with the "cover plate"

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