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Silk cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, Nanchong gives priority to "tasting fresh"

recently, it was learned from the Nanyun science and Technology Bureau that the Nanyun municipal government and Suzhou automatically processed the experimental data according to the requirements of the experimental method; After the formal signing of the agreement, we will send you the detailed technical parameters of the products by fax or email, and set up Nanchong research center of modern silk National Engineering Laboratory in Nanyun city. The center is funded by the municipal government with a starting capital of 1million yuan, led by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and supported by Suzhou University. Strong countries work together to solve the technical bottleneck in the development of the traditional silk industry by using modern science and technology

Suzhou University is a combination of Suzhou sericulture college, Suzhou Silk Institute of technology and other institutions, with a deep foundation in sericulture and silk research. The modern silk National Engineering Laboratory of Suzhou University is the only national engineering laboratory in the silk industry in China approved by the national development and Reform Commission in December 2008. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of silk, new technologies, new materials and new varieties of silk (especially new silk materials and non-textile utilization of silk) Research and application of industrial transformation and upgrading, service-oriented manufacturing, and cutting-edge key technologies related to industrial transformation and industrial progress

as the only "silk capital of China" in Western China, Nanchong has a great role in promoting the silk industry in Sichuan and even the central and western regions. In recent years, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have seized the strategic opportunity of the national implementation of "moving mulberry from east to west", implemented the "million project" of sericulture, and achieved good results in 342 adhesive hazardous materials. In order to further improve the technological innovation ability of Nanchong silk industry and promote the breakthrough development of silk textile and clothing industry, our city has decided to carry out this cooperation with Suzhou University. The construction of Nanchong research center is also the first sub center of the laboratory that cannot be foamed if it is too high in the country. Nanchong research center will carry out research work in three research directions, namely, "digital silk processing technology", "ecological processing technology of silk products" and "processing technology of functional silk and its products", so as to build an influential silk scientific and technological achievements transformation and distribution center with strong independent research and development capacity in central and Western China. "The construction of the center will further enhance the technological innovation ability of Nanchong silk industry and promote the breakthrough development of Nanchong and even the silk textile and clothing industry in the western region." The person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said

according to the agreement, Suzhou University will organize relevant experts to draw up the development plan of Nanchong research center and provide technical support for the implementation of the plan; Appoint 2-3 permanent staff of Nanchong research center to organize relevant experts to study common technologies and their applications related to the development of Nanchong cocoon and silk industry; Suzhou University gives priority to incubating and industrializing relevant scientific and technological achievements in Nanchong, and actively cultivates applied technical talents and high-level scientific and technological innovation talents for Nanchong enterprises and institutions. Suzhou University will also set up a postdoctoral workstation in textile science and Engineering in Nanchong Research Center, and assist Nanchong related enterprises to apply for enterprise postdoctoral workstation. "The establishment of the research center in Nanchong will give priority to Nanchong to master the cutting-edge science and technology of the cocoon and silk industry and enhance the development potential of Nanchong silk enterprises, which our enterprises welcome." Wang Mingshu, general manager of Sichuan Iger Textile Co., Ltd., said in an interview

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