The hottest silicone building waterproof agent

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Organosilicon building waterproof agent

a new generation of organosilicon building waterproof agent product successfully developed by Jiangsu Changzhou Jianuo organosilicon factory has been welcomed by users once it is put on the market

this product is a water-soluble polymer, which can react with carbon dioxide in the air after use to form a very thin silicon oxide film on the surface of the object, so as to effectively prevent the surface and internal building materials from being weathered or because of the cold and heat cycle, the operation is convenient and fast; It has the functions of anti pollution, drainage, anti leakage, etc., reducing stability pollution, maintaining beauty and durability

this product can be used for waterproofing of concrete, gypsum products, marble, bricks, etc. it can also be used as an additive for mortar or water-soluble 7. An oil drain paint on the side of the oil source. After neutralization with aluminum sulfate and aluminum nitrate, it can play an effective waterproof role in wood, fiberboard, paper and its products, which can quickly determine the required range

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