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Silicone rubber waterproof materials are favored by the market

Tianjin Aerospace Huanyu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the research of military to civilian technology products, has made strong aerospace technology and products produce good social and economic benefits in serving the society and benefiting the people through measures such as technology promotion services, strengthening product publicity, and increasing the research and development of high-tech products since this year, which reflects the excellent performance of aerospace products The advantages of mature technology, strict and stable standards. According to the person in charge of the company, Huanyu has provided silicone rubber waterproof materials for more than 300000 square meters of construction projects this year. The company's sales revenue and product sales increased by three times over the same period last year

silicone rubber waterproof material is a new waterproof coating material developed and produced by adopting the waterproof and sealing technology used in aerospace and military facilities, aiming at the shortcomings of traditional asphalt waterproof coiled material, such as poor aging resistance, narrow temperature range and poor adhesion with foundation surface materials. This coating product is not afraid of severe cold and heat, wind, frost, rain and snow. Light alloy will throw out the appearance, and its performance will remain unchanged under the complex and changeable indoor and outdoor climatic conditions. Especially in the temperature range of -100 ° c~300 ° C, it has a strong affinity for the base surface of cement and reinforcement, with a fracture elongation of more than 300%. It also has excellent frost resistance and low temperature flexibility. Ma Yuyan, a senior expert in the aluminum processing industry, was hired as a consultant for the development of aluminum industry in Suixi County. The greatest advantages of this material are also shown in Table 6. Power on display device: when the circuit forms a closed loop, the current product is safe and environmentally friendly. Compared with some traditional waterproof materials, they are non-toxic and odorless materials during production, construction and long-term use, and will not pollute people and the environment

in order to make this superior material bring social benefits into play, Huanyu company actively organized and held technology promotion and performance demonstration meetings attended by designers, construction enterprises and development and construction units, made model demonstration rooms for some key projects, and solved difficult technical problems for some engineering projects, so that the superior performance of this material was reflected, which won the trust of users and expanded market coverage. After market research and investigation, and scientific research investment, the company has developed more than 20 kinds of organic and inorganic waterproof sealing and bonding products. Among them, acid resistant, alkali resistant, oil resistant and anti-corrosion coatings, high-strength vacuum adhesives, silicone rubber adhesives, inorganic high-temperature adhesives and other products fill the blank of waterproof and bonding materials in many fields of construction, machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, shipbuilding industry

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